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Well it looks like the Scalextric white cars are out:

L88 Corvette ref C2525 and the White indy car have all been on Ebay over the weekend.

Question? a few people have said that limited numbers will be coming to the UK.

Who will get them and how much will they cost and when will they be available.

I ask becuase i normally get mine sent from the USA and would rather not pay the post.

Any dealers out there with confirmed info.

PS - how much do they retail for in the States?
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Thanks Sean and Jon for the info.

I just can't understand Hornby's reason for such a limited UK release!!?

(most of their recent limited editions have been 7000 plus!!!)

Like you say this is the first release of a new model - it's bound to be popular.

Looks like i will have to get it from USA or Australia, Sean let Hornby know that they are forcing regular UK customers to buy their product from abroad. I'm off to Washington ate the end of next month - anyone know a good slot shop in DC?
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yeah 3 for me as well!

Oh and while i'm at it one German gt40 and one each of the new Australian Bathurst Cars!

Mind you - if everything was so easy to get it would make collecting a bit boring.

Thanks for all the info guys.

Most of you know about the Corvettes but what about the IRL's are these being released in limited numbers also in the UK?


Anyone know a slot shop in Washington?
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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