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This forum is a place for the young as well as the old. We have had filters in place to ensure the forum's suitability for any readers. Lately a few unnamed people have been flouting this by using the f word or the c word etc but with some odd letters replaced with *** or @ to get around any filters. This is totally unacceptable.

The moderator team cannot read every post so we need you the forum members to highlight to us each and every time someone does this. Please use the report button to bring our attention to this.

For one particular member I have just spent over an hour sifting through his last 6 months posts and editing a third of them for foul language. Yes, we should have picked up on this sooner but it was in a thread that not many mods frequent.

Bottom line - do not use foul language, do not use swear words lightly disguised, and please report any instances where you see this. We will not tolerate this.

Thanks for your assistance.

The Moderator Team

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Now I know that the club I go to is one of the sweariest places to spend a Thursday night! But we can physically see our audience in the room. The internet doesn't have that isolation.

I've just put up some YouTube videos on our club forum and I have to warn the members beforehand to mind their language while I'm filming. It doesn't always work. Those videos have to stay on our WhatsApp group.

One of the features on the old SF platform's main page was a statistic showing how many people were viewing at any time, whether members, guests or searchbots. Members were often outnumbered by guests 5 or 6 to 1.

My suggestion to people posting is; imagine a local school has contacted your club and asked you to give a talk on your hobby. Use the sort of language you would use to promote it.

As Riko says, please, please report any instances that you see. We rely on your help and will always see the problem far sooner than happening on it ourselves.
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