Porsche 962 Imsa. Anglewinder pod, Yellow Flat-6 Motor. Slot.it 15.8x10.2 lightweight airhubs on the rear with BRM 18 shore tyres £25

Slot.it Porsche 956. Fitted with BRM 23k motor, Slot.it zero grips on front, Slot.it 15.8x10.2 lightweight double shoulder wheels and BRM 18 shore tyres. Missing a mirror £25

Slot.it Nissan R390 GT1. Fitted with Slot.it 29k, zero grip front tyres, Sideways 17.3x10.2 Magnesium air hubs with NSR tyres. £30

MRSlotcar.Ca Mazda 787B Test car. Fitted with a Slot.it 21.5k, Slot.it 15.8x10.2 Lightweight double shoulder wheels and BRM 18 Shore tyres. Paint is flaking off the mirrors. £25

All prices include suitable shipping to the UK. Happy to ship overseas