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Slot it open can boxer2 21k , i have 3/4 of these, all with the wrappers cut off on the underside to increase magnetraction. £7 each
Ninco NC-5 One with 11z anglewinder pinion (ninco) and a few without any , £7 for used £10 for what i believe are virtually brand new.
Slot it 25k old standard motor in cars 2008 sort of era £7
Ninco NC-2 £5
Pro Slot 26k EVO 3 with pinion which i recommend you change.
Standard scalex motors £5 each one with a pinion.

Pcs BBS type wheels, 2 pairs £5 per pair
Silver slotted ninco pro race wheels £5
new pro race 5 spoke wheels £7

Jaguar slot it challenge limited edition body shell with lightweight interior. £20 or £35 with standard motor and gearing etc made to how you want with or without magnet. Okay condition.

Pictures and info avaliable on request. Post for motors and wheels will be £2 + £1 per motor extra , so 4 motors will be £5

Postage for car will be £4 with parts.

Offers will only be accepted when buying more than one motor/wheel at a time.

Feel free to ask if i have anything you need as its quite likely i may have it ...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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