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Using C7024 in the USA

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Hi, I've posted this question on the digital PSU recommendations thread but I'm going to ask again here in case this gets better visibility ...

I've just relocated to the USA from the UK. Do I have to buy the C7033 PSUs for my SSD or can I get away with plugging my C7024s in to the wall with the cheap adaptors so that the pins fit?

I know nothing about electronics but from what I've read the difference is going to be the input voltage (120V in the USA as opposed to 230V in the UK). From what I could tell this might not matter too much but I would definitely appreciate someone who knows about this kind of thing confirming this or setting me straight!


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Straight? No they wont work. There are two things you need it has to be 110V to 250V which many are, these are only 230-250V so wont work on 115V US supply. The other thing is frequency which is less of an issue for powersupplies but the C7024 is both 50Hz and US 60Hz compatible.

Sell them on ebay and buy Toshiba ones then treat yourself to a beer with the money you have gained
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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