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Using non-"chipped" cars on digital track

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I was wondering

If you use older Scalextric, SCX, and Carrera cars on the new Scalextric digital setup, will they still run like non-digital track? I'm curious if my cars will work at all without the retro-fit chips inside them.

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I've tried the 00 CV address. Funny thing is that there is never a no voltage situation. At 0 speed (i.e. stopped) the lights of a car (without capacitor) glow and the motor makes a sound as if straining to go. Quite interesting.

I think that a non-digital car would work on Scalextric Digital track, but I don't know how the controllers would work. Nobody knows exactly what's inside those things - not even Moped. The jury is still out on this issue.
Yep, you can race a chipped car in any direction as the chip governs the current going to the motor. For the car on Register 00, you have to select reverse for it to run around the track the wrong way.

BTW, I'm running back and forth to the garage to find this out as I type, across my courtyard, through the thunderstorm and driving hail.

I'm now damp and I got zapped by the continuous currant on the track. My arm is still tingling. This is going to be interesting - seeing how many little johnnys get zapped with these systems and go crying to mummy.
I'll take any pictures you like. Except the one where my hair stands up on end as I don't have much hair these days. Ask Dennis.

I wish that I had a digital video camera to show you the action.
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1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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