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Using non-"chipped" cars on digital track

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I was wondering

If you use older Scalextric, SCX, and Carrera cars on the new Scalextric digital setup, will they still run like non-digital track? I'm curious if my cars will work at all without the retro-fit chips inside them.

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to RC45:

Thanks for the description of your "multiply-Challenged" setup! It sounds like a very enjoyable way to allow racing in traffic for some of us who may not be able to obtain racing partners (say, at 1am). My guess is that adding these slower cars to a mix with an actual Challenger-type "robot" car might provide an even better way to practice one's skills in traffic. The variation between slower, non-controlled "moving chicane" cars, and the faster (but perhaps not perfect) robot car would be a big factor in getting me to install digital as an option. Any such installation, though, would have to allow me to revert to analog for my collection of vintage cars, especially the ones that draw too much current to be "chipped". I'm using Carrera track, in order to allow me to race both scales. However, I'm not averse to modifying or routing/building some track sections to allow for lane changing -- provided that these sections can be left in place for use when racing analog cars.

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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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