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The main reason for the request of the clubs to run Baby Kings and Baby Raptors in the Interseries was that they deemed the Scaleauto Junior Sprinter a too hot can for novice Digital drivers.
And agreed, on Sponge tires at 12v with the tall gearing and high top speed set -up..a DiSCA GT3 car with a ScaleAuto Junior can be a real challenge to handle.
Which is exactly what it was intended to be.

Maybe it's the sponge tyres? Please try with the 1323 rubber tyre or other G25 sizes tyres instead?
The sponges don't give much slide out of the corners as they dig in and tip the car out of the slot. Whereas the rubber will give a bit of slide allowing the driver to compensate for it.

Why's it always about slowing the quicker drivers? They shouldn't have to be penalised because there are usually the better racers!
I won't be a fan or many others imho if you start adjusting the power for each individual person or team.
The track host should have good power all around the track and to all the lanes! The host determines the power level (11-12v usually for DiSCA events) the RMS should be set at 100% or whatever level Host the determines so its the same power for everyone!
Let the driver/team decide what suits their car best. Of the 3 allowed motors. My tip would be to fit the S/A sprinter and adjust the gearing and controller settings to suit the power for a said track?

BoP WEC then? flat6 20.5k verse mx16 23k, gonna be a long thread :confused:

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GT3 Euro spec motor and transmission V8.3
Motor must be of one of the following only, per race event;
3.1.1. Scaleauto 0027b 18,000rpm "Junior Sprinter”
3.1.2. NSR 3024 17,000rpm “Baby King”
3.1.3. Racer Sideways 17,000rpm “Baby Raptor”
3.2. Motor cans must be insulated from the circuit rails
3.3. Motor shafts may be shortened under the supervision of a race official
3.4. Any other motor modification is illegal
3.5. Maximum number of teeth on the pinion gear is 14 teeth
3.6. Spur gear is free
3.7. AWD systems are illegal

The only limit is the power in the rails usually 11-12volts

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In simplified form all that the RMS would limit is the amount of 100% PWM available to the restricted car(s). But it will still have the same max voltage and amps for each PWM cycle as the unrestricted car(s).
Should a B.o.P via the max power setting be applied, the setting should be equally transparant and verifiable for the competitor(s)
Sorry, Tamar but adjusting the RMS isn't what I'd call as being a fair racing format as you'll be reducing the amount of available power (11-12v) to individual cars.
Is a bit like saying to Max and Charles, Sorry but because Lulu's car isn't as quick as there's. The Stewards are going to reduce the power to the RedBull and Ferrari powertrains by ?% to even it up. Never gonna happen. Same in any other racing format either 1-1 or scale!
There isn't that much difference between the 3 17-18k motors. Cost to change one to the other £13 for motor and pinion plus some time and effort to swop them over?
They could either reduce the track power or set all the RMS at a slightly lower value but all at the same setting?

Harsh but fair comment coming up IMHO, sorry if it offends anyone in advance but "man up and learn to drive the cars"

The GT3 Euro spec cars aren't exactly what I'd call super quick cars compared with what most clubs would be using on a weekly basis?.

With respect
PS, Have a wonderful weekend enjoying the Le Mans
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