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Using Oxigen RMS to create a (motor) B.o.P

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As per version 8.3 the DiSCA GT3 tech rules allows race organizers to choose a spec motor for their events from the following 3 options.
1 Scaleauto SC-0027B Sprinter Junior rated at 18.000rpm
2 NSR 3024 Baby King rated at 17.000rpm
3 Sideways Baby Raptor rated at 17.000rpm

A new "local " Belgium/Dutch DiSCA GT3 spin off would like to use both the NSR Baby King and the Sideways Baby Raptor simultaneously in their series, assuming that since both motors were equal as both are advertised as 17K motors.
But preliminary testing indicated that some motors were more equal than others.

This topic will report on the tests and quest to see if the Oxigen RMS can be used as a tool to create a B.o.P (Balance of Performance) between different Motors.

Some post on this topic have been made in recent days. I will (re)post them here as Quotes.

With kind regards
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Marc and I have been using the max speed button in pc lapcounter since we used the H&B test bench..we have 23k motors, 20k and 21500 motors.We adjust the cars so that they all drive around 27km per. The last race with 14 pilots in teams of 2 and a total time of 80 minutes racing, the difference was a few laps between the first team and the last team. These teams were divided between experienced digital pilots and unexperienced digital Pilots. What you think of this story is fine with me. But it has been proven that it works.
But that is consedering the whole car, with a different set up. Not only the motor
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I experience this discussion as very pleasant, I've lost count, but the De H&B test bench has come up about 34 times in this discussion.
Did I mention you can still order them, even now for Mini-Z??
Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood
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I don't know which model you had access to, but the one I got came with a variable voltage power supply that functions down to 3v. The computer/display comes to life at 5v, so you can still use it as a run in tool if those minimums are OK with you. If you needed something that goes lower, you'd need a more expensive power supply, but it can still be used with the HBTB (hehe) because the power input goes straight to the rails through the switch. If you want to see the voltage and speeds at less than 5v, then a modification would need to be made to split the power that goes to the computer versus the rails while still allowing the computer to measure the voltage at the rails. I'm sure if this option were deemed important enough, it would not take much to implement, though it might increase the cost of the device a little bit, if only to add a second power input.
Completely correct, you can run in your engine from 3 untill 12 volt,and you have the possibility to check if your car runs nicely on the rollers, even check if the tires are correct
As its way past midnight and with my preparations for the Le Mans trip starting early tomorrow...even though its not totally on topic.... a last reply.
Test I did at Mechelen was with both PT1323 and PT1171 G25 rubber tires as that was one of the other request from the clubs.
Very similar motivation as why Rockingham chose G25 rubber as their control tire over the Procomp sponge for the upcoming 6 hrs GT3 endurance. Costs
So for me an opportunity to kill two flies in one go 😇 Test for both Interseries and R'ham.

And yes the tendency for Sponge tires to generate grip under load can lead to the car dig in and tip the car out of the slot.
When we started GT3 6 years ago..most of the chassis were pretty stiff so not such a big problem.
As mentioned in the first DiSCA "Open" GT3 test post the choice for Sponge was to give the cars more grip in the corners, specifically on the lane changers.
But over the years through a competition driven search for more grip (even on sponge) chassis have become more and more flexible and the cars with better set-up become more performant.
Which is exactly why we asked Scaleauto to produce their harder Procomp4 compound also for 1/32nd wheels...and to do separate donuts for them.

The first and so far only DiSCA GT3 race that ran them was last May at Suzuka. Guess what some racers complained about...lack of grip:LOL:
Cars sliding when too much power was applied. (but offering the racer the possibility to correct /catch the slide.
It now took some racers/teams 90min of racing (and a bit of practice and Qualy) to wear down the 20,7mm wheels below GC required forth start of the next race (as prior to the 60min raced before)
Funny enough it were the same racers that previously burned through a set of Procomp3 in one hour that now wore down a set of Procomp4 in 90 minutes.
Nothing to do with level of competition as some of the top finishers managed to do both 90 minute races on one set.

Ok that's it for now.. more posts have been made while I was writing my last reply.... but signing off now. See you guys again...after Le Mans. I do wish everybody a very good weekend.

With kind regards
have fun Tamar
That one engine has more power than the other means nothing to me at all, there are members of us who drive cars at 7.1 m/s and I at 8.1 meters per second. the maximum speed I can drive in this class. But now the layout of the track!. With us you can go full throttle through some bends with 7.1 and you have to lift with 8.1 per second..2x guess who will come through the bend faster. He loses this again on the straight, because I'm higher in my top speed. So yes, many corners are advantage with a lower top speed. So it also depends on what type of track you ride. is my humble opinion as a noob.
ok, done
Oxigen environment RMS
100% VS 80%
yes, the cars are slower, but not 20%
in the table under the heading percentage you can read which number this should be if the speed is reduced by 20%, in practice it comes down to 10%

motor11-6-2022RMS ONRMS ONlower speedpercentage
on paperkmp/uurkm/ uur
Merc CamelNinco
Alfa CamelNinco
Merc zilverNinco
Calibra CamelNinco
Alfa RoodNinco


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I wonder if I will ever see the day when Power ([watt]) value is used in place of RPM, when discussing slot car rules set...
I know I won't. Therefore, in the light of the future electrification, when I will buy my next car, I will shop around for the one with the most RPM available. Makes sense... :confused:
this is the reason I try to get attention for a maximum speed value. Whatever engine you use, which gear or pinion, tire size, etc.. we all drive just as fast. Then and only then will the best pilot come out!
By the way, this usually doesn't change the top 5...these are the pilots who can get everything out of their car anyway.
Added to that...The H&B testbench...will sell like cookies lol
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I did 5 cars tamar.. see post in the list
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