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To my mind the upcoming release of a 1970 Lotus 72 by Vanquish is great news in one respect but so frustrating in another.

I am very pleased that this era of F1 is finally being given some attention (albeit in an iffy scale !!) and I am even more enthusiastic by the Graham Hill car than I was with the first two but as soon as I get it I will be frustrated by the fact that it will not have a realistic race partner for the foreseeable future.

I will not be satisfied running it alongside a 1972 Lotus or Surtees or a 1976 March or even worse a 1/32nd scale modern F1 !!.

Same applies to Scaleys upcoming 1961 Vanwall and 1953 Maserati. Would it not be more logical to release two different cars from the same season ?

Just a personal observation/frustration and certainly not a show-stopper but I do like to see some symmetry on my track
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