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Winning a race is all about keeping your laps clean and consistent. Your pacer does exactly that, while you are making tiny little errors while pushing harder and harder. If you forget about the pace car, and focus on your brake and acceleration points in order to keep a clean line so that you are not sliding all over, you'll find yourself catching up to the pace car much more quickly. This is one of the hardest lessons to learn. To go faster, you must slow down. ;-)
was a few years back but I won the only event I ever entered by slowing down.

I got the fastest race time of the evening (and won a nice car that started me down this insanity again) not by driving the fastest, but by going a tad slower and not crashing. others got faster laps, but couldn't string them together without spinning out.

the amount of alcohol meaning those who tried later in the evening had trouble telling the cars from the OMGSPIDERS!!!!! probably helped as well.

when mucking about with my own RMS on the mac I had a "record and replay" feature, never got it quite right (cars are all a bit different) but the idea was you were always racing against your own best lap. you get basically a one lap head start as the car goes slowly.. then every little mistake you make sees it catching you.

need to fiddle again, pace cars set up right, light shown here, are excellent to practice against
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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