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Velasor Peugeot L 45

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Here, from the Slot Car Museum is my 2nd car from the extraordinary Velasor company in Spain. This is a 1/32nd scale Peugeot L45 "Grand Prix " of the ACF of 1914. The car has over 275 parts made of resin, metal, leather, and wood These are the most detailed cars ever made. The driver of this car was Victor Rigal who came in 7th -time 7.44'26.2.
Specifications 1/32 PEUGEOT L45:
The Peugeot L45 has various mobile and actionable elements as well as removable parts :
  1. Movable front and rear shock absorbers.
  2. Rotating crank crank.
  3. Removable front drum brakes.
  4. Functional front and rear suspension leaf springs.
  5. Functional crossbow links.
  6. Movable steering arm.
  7. Detailed chassis with the different brake actuation cables.
  8. Mobile external lever in different positions.
  9. Tail box with two spare wheels inside, with hinged lid.
  10. Rotating functional tank cap.
  11. The hand-painted figures are a faithful reproduction of the real characters that raced with the Peugeot.
  12. Interior of the passenger compartment with oil pressure stain, pedals and handbrake lever.
  13. Openable engine hood, held by removable and adjustable straps with buckles.
    13*. Detailed engine hood with functional hinges, held in place by removable and adjustable straps with buckles. (*optional)
  14. Front wheel with removable central threaded nut using a VC1 key
    Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive design
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Perfect and beautiful modelling.
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Now this one is the slot car that could put doubt in my mind about racing with it, not for the performance but for the price! Maybe if the other fellow racers would race also with similar slots then I would say “why not?”(most probably would be a total carnage of slot cars on a long straight followed by a tight turn)😱
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I think I'd have to race it, Daniel, and then have a convulsive breakdown with uninterrupted swearing for a week if I crashed it. A truly fabulous model in every respect.
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Yes, but... brings up the question of why make this a slot car version in the first place?

The quality is incontrovertible, but can't say I'm tempted.

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If I had the money I would buy, but I don't, so it's not something I'm worrying about...
Nor is whether I'd race it. I guess if I had the money to buy it, I'd feel like I could race it.

All that said it is a thing of complete beauty.

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I'd give it a run, mind you might take three hours to do a 30' lap 😁
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Bah! I'd send it back.

The hood's got a but much peel in it. Hey that was factory! One braid is longer than the other. The front license plate is hanging by one screw. Hose clamps appear missing at the coolant splitter coupling. No carbon in the tail pipe, how are we to asses it's footprint if it wont start? Is that a cobweb going from a spoke in the steering wheel to the drivers lapel, or heaven forbid a glue strand? I just cant give her full points.

Tongue in cheek of course gents. It's the kind of craftsmanship that makes me want to roll the bin into my slot cave and rake it all in, and toss my tools in too, once and for all.

Maybe some docile parade laps with the voltage rolled back. Be just my luck to have the trigger stick on my controller and send a museum piece barrel rolling into the wall. Even then you'd surely mar up those lily white tars.

Interesting factiod. Pap used to drive for a Model T restorer (John). By 6, I was no stranger to the museum/parade circuit. Johns pride and joy, a white 1911 Torpedo Runabout had white tires. Two sets of wheels actually. A set for motoring, and a set for posing. At the time, I thought it was dumb, Now? I totally get it.
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Can’t say I understand it..neither a great static nor even passing quality slot car…by definition a shelf Queen..needing some work to look right..each to their own..
Beautiful, handcrafted models that run.
Definitely shelf queens, so not for me.
Sorta like LMM, parade use only.
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I'm well, as said above beautiful modelling , as a slot car , why ! If I could afford to buy one I'd be too tempted to race it , I don't have shelf queen's so not for me! Lovely model though.
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