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at the moment I have a very hot motor discussion running here!! We would like to have a Fly Classic/GB raceclass!

Now soneone came up and said that there is a Fly motor available that looks exactly like the "standard" motors that are in those cars, but has more power!!

I was told that those stronger motors are in the Fly Racing Capri or normal Capri. As I don´t have a Capri/Racing Capri here I thought I might ask you guys if anyone nows anything about this HOT topic!!

Thanks in advance,

Mark R-E
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The motor in the Capri is the Evo2 series and NC2 sized. A boxer would be better.

The quicker Fly Race motor is similar to the NC4 is shape but has a longer shaft for the pinion.

The motor is the Fly Classic is the normal Maubchi (however that is spelt) and (i could be wrong) but Fly don't do one.

So that leaves you with the hoards of other manufacturers. The OzRace V or T range are a nice step up but for proper power the V12.2b 25k are hard beat - i find the 29k is a bit quick and the torque of the 25 pulls the magnet better.

If you are writing the rules handout v12s!!
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