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Tire Wheel Automotive tire Toy Vehicle

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Here, at the museum is a very rare horse racing set by PMC of Hong Kong made around 1965. Cragstan also made a version where the only difference was the wheels and how the fence attached to the track. I show here a closeup photo of the Cragstan and PMC wheels. The Cragstan wheels are the spoked ones at the top of the photo. This is a battery operated set so the motors are 3 1/2 volts. Beside the incredible rarity of the set it's also unusual in that while the horse races around the track the Jockey moves up and down on the back of the horse. There are some very common friction versions of these for sale but the PMC and Cragstan electric ones are just impossible to find. It must have been amusing for children to watch the riders go up and down as they race each other around the green track.
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Horse Wheel Toy Automotive tire Working animal

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