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Hi all, I posted a request on another forum site recently asking for help with a logo but havent had any luck. I thought the American connection might help especially with this car.

It doesnt help that I dont have access to a scanner as I have only really seen 1 picture of it in a magazine.

Hopefully one of you knowledgeable bods will know of what i speak!!!

Here is the guts of the matter:

I would like to relivery one into a VE version that he drove on a couple of occasions for Roy Woods.
However I have only found 1 decent picture so far and that is a smallish color pic in Vintage Motorsport May/June 1996 Page 48.

Unfortunately I am unable to provide a scan at the moment , but I will try to access one soon.

There is a logo on the side of the car which appears to say ' Electronic Ignition' in white lettering on a black background with the symbol next to it of a white zig-zag line on a red & white halved square background. The logo goes across the drivers side rear wing and door.

So......does anyone have a decent picture of this car or know of the logo I refer to. I would like to reproduce it if I can.

There are also 2 or 3 smaller decals which a decent picture might show or if someone recognises the logos straight away please shout!!

I need to sort a scanner out - it would be so much easier!!!

Thanks for looking,
Kind regards,
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