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Hi all.

The latest round was last Sunday 14th with just enough drivers for 5 teams, results are as follows.

1st. Eastcote2.. Matt & Jonathan 1771 laps Slot-it Mclaren a/w
2nd. Essex..Graeme, Jamie & Keith 1763 laps MRRC Toyota GT1 i/l
3rd. Eastcote1.. Roly & Ric 1682 laps Slot-it Nissan a/w
4th. Viking2.. Phil & Gary 1670 laps NSR Mosler s/w
5th. Viking1.. George & Dave 1554 laps Fly Porsche GT1 i/l

As you can see just 8 laps between first to second with Graeme starting the last hour 29 laps behind & the third/fourth battle only 12 laps between them after starting the last hour with the same amount of laps each.

Some excellent club spirit & the usuall friendly banter throughout the day with anybody helping anybody with tyre & braid cleaning, my thanks to all that took part in a good & close days racing.


Ric Woods
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Yes, a big thanks to everyone at Viking for what was an excellent event. Having chosen tyres that might as well have been Polo Mints for the first hour and a bit, we had a helluva fight back to our eventual third place, which felt like a win to us!

Hope you do one again next year!



My thanks for an enjoyable day also with no problems at all. Usual good bunch with some good (and some
jokes) from George.
Overall a great days racing.
Brussels here we come!


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The Viking 6 hour was the final round of this years Endurance series.

Final top 5 positions were.

1st Eastcote 36pts
2nd Essex 29pts
3rd Tottenham 24pts
4th MHSC 12pts
5th West London 11pts

Thanks to all the teams that have taken part this year, especially Essex who managed to get to every round.
The series will continue next year probably with all the races being 6 hours making it easier for teams that travel furthest.

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