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You know what annoys me about the technically superb Gran Turismo 3 (and Concept) games on the PS2? All that wonderful handling up until you steam into the back of another car at 150, lean on it to help you get around the corner, or just plain screw up and pile into the wall. The car just damage, no missing wheels or even a realistic crash noise. It's been said that the manufacturers do not want representations of their cars damged. Well IMHO then you shouldn't let the average joe public driver, or kids get hold of those representations!

At least in Need For Speed Underground the cars cartwheel through the air etc. but even so, the most damage I've seen in that game is a knackered windscreen

If Sport World is going to show crashes on screen, then will it just be the car bouncing around the track? Admittedly, this is VERY realistic as it is what most slot cars do in the event of the Laws of Physics ganging up on it. Usually the slot car doesn't have too many parts fly off it; most of the time it escapes intact. However, if Sport world were to show animations of the car getting trashed, then would those animations finish in real time before the car is marshalled back on the track? I ask this because when Nick Hirst is awake he's damn fast at getting a car back on track, as opposed to my "startled rabbit in the headlights" approach at Pendle (thank you Mickl, and alfa!!)

However, there is no denying that a "proper" crash in the virtual world has entertainment value, just ask any PS2 user about Burnout & Burnout2

In the real world how popular are the Havoc or And They Walked Away series of videos? The numbers keep increasing. Human beings still have animal instincts, despite 2000+ years of civilisation.

As a test, go and have a look at and see if that doesn't arouse feelings of morbid curiosity, not to mention the odd wry smile! (wrecked exotics is a photo database of supercars in bits!!)

Am I sick? Maybe, but I enjoy the escapism which video games provide, and if a game purports to be realistic, then it should be. Cars deform upon violent impacts with other objects, people bleed etc...
However, in the real world I don't run amok stealing cars and bikes. I don't torch the police with flamethrowers or drop unsuspecting gang members via a sniper rifle from three rooftops away.

So...bring on the virtual carnage in Sport World, but only if it fits in with the race.


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Hi Mark,

I too agree with your view about racing sims, always preferred to race a car/game which physically showed damage rather than just bounce off walls etc.

Nothing to do with morbid curiosity, it just adds another exciting element to the game/sim. Its great to make a first bend unscathed without losing a frontwing etc (Grand Prix 4/GPL) and of course, a damage model provides an excuse to drive the wrong way, causing a mass pile up (Indy 500 an old/ancient game by Papyrus was superb for this).

It always made me smile when you raced motorbike sims to crash watch the poor rider be ejected at zillion mph to bounce off a grandstand... only to get up and strut back to his bike...

Sportworld, I reckon it will be those "magic cranes" similar to what appeared in early racing sims - the car is lifted back on track by a mysterious invisible super being.

I personally feel that if crash sequences were implemented, the crashes will get rather repetitive after a while; possibly only a couple of different animation loops used. Also crashes will be pretty quick in real time (I doubt there would be a slow mo version) so once the loop is finished, presumably the car appears back on screen when detected?

In Sportworld, visually represent damage to slotcars? It's abit like that post that has now been locked?! (another one) regarding the bikes that may visually lean in Sport World.

I believe like others, that it will just draw attention to the fact that cars don't/shouldn't disintegrate upon deslot and the bikes don't lean.

Will there be a screeching tyre sounds to accompany the onscreen action/mayhem? Due to the frequency of slotcar crashes/deslots this option may drive the user to distraction.

Yeah ok I am guessing, and openly admit haven't even seen the product but I do like the sound of it and hopefully not any harm in speculating?

Finally regarding the wrecked auto's site, ahhh abit ghoulish. After seeing some clips from video's similar to Havoc etc, i'm now scarred for life, blimey some pretty horrible accidents & really wish I hadn't.

Best regards,


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In the demonstration at the London Toy Fair in the SPORT World environment the cars tumbled on the big screen if they deslotted on the track. Only when the car was marshalled back on the track did a hand of god magically place the car back on the circuit where it came off.

The miracle was if the red car came off and the yellow car came off at the same spot, then if you replaced the red car in the yellow cars lane it was the red car that appeared on the circuit in the SPORT World monitor. The software seemed to have the magic ability to determine which car was being replaced first no matter which lane you replaced it in.

Adrian would not let on how this was done but he grinned profusely. (Adrian=
) Pretty astounding!

Like all good software you have the option to tweek or silence sound effects.

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