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· Tony Condon
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Hi Steve
Nice job ,but is this the latest theme of fpf models .speciaisling in bankrupt swedeish car companys?

Cheers tony

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QUOTE (CB racing @ 13 Apr 2012, 22:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi, Steve.
What a good looking Volvo Amazon you have made.
Is it ocar that manufactured the resin body?

Christer in Sweden.
It's Steve that made the master model and the resin body

· Jan Groosmuller
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QUOTE (scuderia_turini @ 10 Apr 2012, 23:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hello Steve,
The SAAB we all want is the 99 EMS Turbo. They dropped the EMS tag after a short period and in reali8ty I suspect that was a marketing label, attempting to promote the glamor of "Electronic Management System".
Your comment re Ford vs Chevy is very apt in recent years when Volvo were owned by Ford and SAAB by General Motors. Personally my preference is SAAB/GM...


Actually EMS stands for Electronic Manual Special, the car had a Bosch fuel injection system on board, giving 118 BHP. The Turbo is a different beast with 145 BHP

That is, in "normal" trim. The Rally cars had quite a bit more oomph

Note that the grille is different on later years, as are the bumpers and rear light clusters. If you need specifics I can send you detailed pics.
Would be a nice touch if you make these in the different versions

(always had a soft spot for these cars, had four of them and loved each one)
Nowadays I drive (and enjoy) a classic 900 Turbo, but that car may go in favor of a decent 99 any day

OK, I'll take my anorak off now

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Thanks a lot! They looks whery greath.
Now I pick one for my selv, tree is already bookt an then its one ower for somewhon ho is interested!
Puting it down in the Club local at Largasso Raceway!
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