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Allan Wakefield
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This weekend saw the Official roll out of Thomas Wanners 2004 car for the Deutsch Slot Car Forum at Swiss Race Bahn in Switzerland.
This is the second and last he will produce in 1/32 scale and (as noted elsewhere) is a rendition of the Mühlner Motorsport Volvo S60. Last years model was of the 2002 car and this years is the 2004. Both are fast cars in real life, as their pedigree and race results show.
One of the Teams drivers, Ulli Andree, is also involved in the development of the Slot car and came along yesterday to help unveil the car and join in the racing with his own, self prepped 2002 car.

pic' courtesy of Mühlner Motorsport.

A friendly guy with a passion for both real racing and slot cars, he provided us with many great anecdotes and insights into the world of racing - Thank you Ulli, I hope your next season goes well and that the paint and livery stay on the real car better than they did on the slot one!

Ullis car stretches its legs on Mugello...

The sleek 2002 S60 fails to turn the old timers heads as it roars past...

Mine joins the fray for this side by side shot...

Up through the woods on the back straight...

Volvo through the Armco, another back straight shot...

Despite a relatively small turn out, the race was finally on, testing and practice over, the cars are placed under cover for scrutineering...

A pack of S60s on the grid, awaiting the two BMW M3s that would make up the field...

Driver line up was: Thomas - S60 No 195. Jörg - S60 No 222. Ulli S60 No 163. Allan S60 No 81. Ferdinand BMW M3 No 99 and Patrick BMW M3 No 58...

Overall race winner was Jörg, who won himself one of the 2004 S60 cars - Congratulations!

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...thx for the quick report Allan, as soon as I've worked out how to get the video from the camera to the PC I'll add some more information - racing with these cars ahs been fun!
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