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Hi Steve.
Speaking with Ritchie Welch at Fridays Club night, he initends to enter as well. By my maths, you have 25 racers entered!
I hope with 50 races to get through, the day is glitch free!
Also, are you going to run Ninco first as at North staffs? For me the logic is to run the slower, easier to drive models first (NSR) followed by the quicker Ninco's, when we have our 'eye in' so to speak.
Its your call, just a suggestion.
See you tomorrow, bright and early!
Regards Bill.

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Hi Luke
Sorry havent replied sooner been away.
Will get you a membership card tomorrow!
Bill regarding running the NSR s first i dont really mind but it could be the
reverse if someone is doing better in the NSRs they could argue
they would prefer to run Ninco first to get a little more practice.
I would rather leave it as is if possible to avoid any problems.

See you tomorrow.

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Phil Barry
Phil Field
Russell Powell
Ben Clements
Keith Clements
Craig Jones
Steve Jones
Matt Bastin
Martyn John
Bill Charters
Don Stanley
Wayne Goble
Luke Tyrell
John Underwood
Tony Squires
Shaun Mitchell
Kane Tilley
Charles Tilley
Chris Binley


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Hi Steve.
Thanks for a great days racing, fast and furious. Thanks also to Phil B and Phil F and young Craig for all the race control/hosting duties. I must admit to being somewhat concerned with an entry of 25+ drivers as to what time the finish might be, but by 4.20 pm it was all done and dusted...great effort!
Well done to all the winners and placemen, look forward to the next round at the 'New' Hereford track...Ninco I assume, lets hope the roller is put over it to smooth all the bumps!
cheers and thanks,

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Hi Bill,
Glad you enjoyed the day. As you say very close racing especially the NSR Classics not much separating the top ten.
A great turnout thanks to everyone's support. It took a bit of organising but we managed a reasonable finishing time.

Thanks to the extra help today from John who helped with Parc Ferme and to Craig and Phil for the lap counting. Not forgetting Phil Barry and Aberstone for hosting the event. Look forward to the Hereford round. (keith will probably be sleeping at the track to get some extra practice in. Hopefully he will post some set up tips in due course.)

Thanks again.


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Here are the results before we post on the website later this week.


1 Shaun Mitchell
2 Phil Field
3 Keith Clements
4 Ben Clements
6 Craig Jones
7 Russell Powell
8 Kane Tilley
9 Probe
10 Steve Jones
11 Bill Charters
12 Don Stanley
13 Wayne Goble
14 Nick Huxley
15 Tony Squires
16 Matt Bastin
17 Kate Alcock
18 John Underwood
19 Richy Welch
20 Charles Tilley
21 Martyn John
22 Luke TYRELL


1Chris Binley
2 Phil Barry
3 Andy Meredith
4 Aan
5 Sebastian


1 Phil Field
2 Shaun MitcheLl
3 Craig Jones
4 Ben Clements
5 Keith Clements
7 Steve Jones
8 John Underwood
9 Bill Charters
10 Nick Huxley
11 Kane Tilley
12 Don Stanley
13 Russell Powell
14 Richy Welch
15 Probe
16 Wayne Goble
17 Matt Bastin
18 Tony Squires
19 Kate Alcock
20 Martyn John
21 Charles Tilley
22 Luke Tyrell


1 Chris Binley
2 Phil Barry
3 Sebastian
4 Alan

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Our website has now been updated with Sundays results. Also overall championship points have been added.

Photographs will be added later this week.

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