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Hi All,

We should have all the dates for next years championship by the end of this year. Just 3 dates to confirm.
Phil should have these soon.
For the 2012 championship we have introduced another class NSR Classics, which means we will run the Ninco Gt in the morning segment and the NSR championship in the afternoon ....or vice versa.
Keith has very kindly written a comprehensive set of rules for the NSR class and they will be published soon.
Round 1 is at the superb North Staffs track February 16th.

I have printed posters with all the info on and as soon as I get the other dates I will post them out to the participating clubs
so they can display them at their venues.

Best regards,

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Is that the famous "Steve not Steve not Jones, Jones"?

Good to see you again tonight. The one thing I didn't ask, is how do I go about entering? Do I just pitch up with cars and cash?

A great day out and a great track. Really enjoyed my first event.

Many thanks to all who made it possible, and now I've got something to aim for - break into the high teens by the end of the season!
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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