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Hi All,

We should have all the dates for next years championship by the end of this year. Just 3 dates to confirm.
Phil should have these soon.
For the 2012 championship we have introduced another class NSR Classics, which means we will run the Ninco Gt in the morning segment and the NSR championship in the afternoon ....or vice versa.
Keith has very kindly written a comprehensive set of rules for the NSR class and they will be published soon.
Round 1 is at the superb North Staffs track February 16th.

I have printed posters with all the info on and as soon as I get the other dates I will post them out to the participating clubs
so they can display them at their venues.

Best regards,

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Hi Mal,

Names added as requested, thanks see you Sunday.

Craig Jones
Steve Jones
Phil Field
Keith Clements
Ben Clements
Don Stanley
Russell Powell
Matt Bastin
Martyn John
Bill Charters
Matt Sharples
Wayne Goble
Lyke Tryell
John Underwood
Andy Meredith
Richie Welch
Shaun Mitchel
Mark Wain
John Bailey
Rob Wallander
Tony Squires
Nic Huxley
Andy Bartlet
Sam Cockerton
Lewis Gough

Cheers Steve.
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Hi All,

What a great turnout, thanks for all the support, Its probably the best turnout to date that the Wales and West has had.

Can I also say a big thank you to all at North Staffs for a great days racing. I think everyone enjoyed the variety of the two classes.(especially the NSR's which looked great.)
Thanks for the Ladies in the kitchen(giving up their Sunday) supplying us with the food.

Congratulations to Shaun Mitchell Double winner who drove faultlessly in the two events, also to Probe and JMO (Probe second in the Classics and Third in the Ninco and JMO
second in the Ninco and Third in the classics) looks like another home advantage!!! Great driving lads you deserved it.

Rest of the field was again very close not a great big difference, certainly not in the top 10 anyway.

All the results will be updated tomorrow evening, plus some pics taken on the day.
Looking forward to Aberstone in just over a months time.


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A great day out and a great track. Really enjoyed my first event.

Many thanks to all who made it possible, and now I've got something to aim for - break into the high teens by the end of the season!
Hi All

Website now updated with the results and Pictures. Overall championship table will be done tomorrow, Craig ran out of time
updating it.

Just to reiterate it's your best 5 rounds out of 6 to count in both championships.Because they are both separate events you can drop your worst NSR classic
round from any event and the same for the Ninco Cup.

Due to the high numbers attending it was decided to drop qualifying due to time constraints. The next round heats will be based on Championship positions in both Ninco and NSR events.
ie Top 4 from North Staffs from each championship will be top group at Aberstone the next 4 second group etc etc.


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Thanks North Staffs.
A very well run event, great racing and banter...and super food!
Thanks to Steve and Craig, lots of work on the day, all done with a smile. Well done to all the home drivers, and to Phil F and Steve J on such a good away day performance. Also Rob Wallader, who in only his 3rd visit to N/Staffs was top away driver in the first Ninco round, a top draw performance.
Looking forward to Aber'.
Regards Bill.
Well done to all the guys at Staffs, I had a great time. Many thanks to Steve & Craig for organising the event. looking forward to the next round. Im thinking of swapping my 30K motor for something with a little more power.
I would like to thank Bill & Nick for the loan of some tyres.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the comments, we will call it one all I had a great run with the Nincos but had the wrong gearing for the classics way too slow on the straight!

Glad you enjoyed the day Rob always nice to see new faces in the championship, I hope you were being sarcastic regarding your motor!!! Although Craig was a big help on Sunday I have to give equal credit to Phil who is the other organiser of the series.


Hi all,

Sorry but I forgot to thank Shaun and John for their time on the computer helping us with the lap counting.


Sorry ment to do earlier

Thanks to the North Staffs guys and gals for hosting this one and everyone who assisted them

Very good attendance for first round and very competitive as ever

Looking forward to next round where hopefully my Mosler will be more competitive

Just love the NSR classics, All versions were used on the day and due to rules as competitive as each other

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