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Okay, I've not seen this mentioned before so I guess it's just me getting the lemon again, isn't it?

Corvette L88.

Purchased and delivered super quick off Ebuy. Arrived yesterday, race night. Nice.

Delivered in one piece! Nothing had fallen off in transit. Nicer!

So, swiftly out of the box then and thoughts of a quick fettle before going racing.

A quick fettle my ****!

After undoing the six screws I couldn't see how to separate the body and chassis. They seemed inextricably linked in a death grip at the front. Peering around the wheel arches it appeared that the lighting wires were running underneath the front axle before heading up to the little circuit board.

Ah, ha!

So, off with the front wheels, no easy task, slide out the axle and...


The two were still one. Odd. Those wires are clearly supposed to be under the axle.

But there was a black piece of plastic stretching from one body post to the other like some kind of 1:32nd strut brace. Presumably, since the screws go through this and into the posts it had become stuck to the body.

So separating that would bring a heavenly release from the death grip.


Still the two infernal moldings were conjoined.

Shaking my fists at the Gods above me,

"Why do I buy Scalextric product", I screamed.

"Not suitable for children under 3 years," I bellowed.

"My ***!", I ruminated.

I calmed.

I looked at the problem again.

Ah, ha!

It would appear that the source of my woes was an unfeasibly tight fit between the bulbs and their recesses in the bodywork.

Brute force and ignorance duly applied and I beheld two assemblies at last. Phew.

Now then. Would someone at Margate please pop down to the shops, pick up an SCX lighted car and see how this remarkably simple concept, lights in toy cars, can be and is achieved by the competition.

P.s. The sit of the chassis is so carp the rears rub on the arches. Fantastic.

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So, it ain't just me. Well that's some sort of consolation.

No, I don't think the lenses are supposed to pop out. Unlike my Scaley DTM, where the things exited with unseemly and ungracious haste, these seem stubbornly welded in place and have remained so despite some pretty frantic, violent and damn frustrating moments.

There is no way Hosé that I will ever get bodyrock with this sucker. Ultimately, that may be down to the lights being recessed but certainly the tight fit of the body and chassis ain't going to help matters - do your cars have easy movement at the front, where the black "grill" section of the chassis marries up to, and between, the curving front wings? Until I filed away a lot here, this was a swine of a union and tighter than a snakes ass in a wagon rut.

Hmmm, the tyre rubbing appears to be unique to me, though. I did find last night that if I fix the rearmost screws in first I can get a little more air between the boots and the body but the front end ain't happy and takes some persuading to link up. I fancy the smaller gap I get like this is still going to cause trouble once the car is in motion and the wheels spinning at speed - my Fly M3 looks like it shouldn't give any grief but does once you give it some loud pedal. I'll take the file to the arches too.

Hands up. I forgot the SCX Dome saga. Keep meaning to get some conducting paint to repair the circuit board. But at least the body comes apart without frustration.

I don't recall thinking the Dome a particularly boxy shape either - that's just a copout. I don't think the full cockpit arguement works either.

Frankly, anything would be better than what I've got in this lighted L88 and that's a shame because more and more, everytime I look at the beast, it's looks grow on me.

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I feel duty bound, since I slag off Margate no end, to now share with the wider slot world that the L88 mentioned above has been the subject of some serious fettling - as serious as I get - and now is a total 'stang eater.

I filed the arches and the bit at the sharp end where the 'grill' sits. I settled the mugnut in the centre (modern Scaleys run with magnets at Oxford) and softened, trued and rounded out the tyres. I then gave it some prodigious running in and hey presto.

I did have a problem with duff pick-up in the corners which I finally attributed to the braids being squished.

Much more work than I have ever had to do with a car before but now she flies.
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