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I am now (as of last night @ Pendle) the proud owner of a No.1 open top scaley 'vette. Even with a bit of body rock, the rear tyres do not rub the arches on my example. SIX screws!!!!?? the two screws in the middle which hold the interior to the chassis are now in my spare parts bag
I too notice the front strut brace
it's hard to miss! What that brace does is locate the lights on the Corvettes which have them AND prevent the self-centring guide spring from popping up out of it's location. If you leave the spring in place and try to loosen the screws for body rock then the spring will indeed pop out. Seeing as I've removed the spring (too strong IMHO) then everything is tickety boo
The tyres were quite round, once I'd seated them correctly so didn't need too much truing.

For those people with lighted L88s, well lights in the front at any rate, it should be an easy conversion back to flush bodywork should you so wish. The No.1 has flat panels which just locate in the holes for the front lights and "headlamp glass". I may just be buying 2 braklight kits, because the rear of the No.1 is crying out for them. No worries over power usage because brake lights only come on when you're coming off the power anyway


If you hadn't already sussed it out, I love this version of the 'Vette
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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