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Anyone want to sell me an Aston Martin DBR9 for sensible money -
not bothered which model - with or without lights - Gulf colours etc.
Also looking for a
32nd scale Lightning McQueen and a
General Lee.
May be interested in other American Muscle cars too !
Please contact me with details of whatever you have to sell.


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I have a "spare" C2644 green/yellow no. 57 DBR9 - complete except the aerials but I was hoping someone might swap/ part ex. for one of the following DBR9s to complete my collection:

C2965 - Jet Alliance
C3063 - Gigawave
C3196 - Young Driver
C3293 - Young Driver

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Hi MrV.
I got this Aston a few years ago just to use for a Le Mans type event.
I only used it for the one race.
After the race the wing had to be glued back into place, but it`s still a nice car.
It was originally digital, but I seem to remember taking the chip out & giving it to a youngun` who was into digi racing.

I don`t want any payment for the car, just enjoy it.... please get in touch via PM with delivery details.



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Aaawww .............. Kev - you big ol' softy

I still have and race the Netherland A1 GP car that you also kindly donated to me ....... Diamond Geezer

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Simon if your green yellow dbr9 is the very early one wich had the chassis for the solder in saloon chip rather than the later dpr version i would be interested in buying it from you.???
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