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In keeping with 'Swap' Shop i'm after some Peugeot Rally Cars!

Prompted by an email from my web host saying that i had reached 9500 visitors i thought i had better do some work on the web site (which i had neglected for ages!).

I had photographed most of the Peugeot cars in my collection so decided to sort these all out and get them on-line.

In sorting and cataloging these cars i realised i'm a few missing!

If you have any of the following and would like to (ideally) swap or sell them, please let me know. Cars should be mint and preferably boxed.

205 T16 Street Car - Brown/Black - Ref 400502

405 Raid Pioneer Livery (white and Blue)

1;43rd Scale (prior to GO range) Yellow 205

(can't belive i don't have these!)

206 Ref 6024 (UK or Spanish) "Esso" #14 V-Rally
206 Ref 6064 (UK or Spanish) "World Champ 2000" - Clean version #10 Network Q
206 Ref 6125 (UK or Spanish) "BiCampeon Mundial" #2 Elstra
206 Ref 6132 (UK or Spanish) Red #1 Monte Carlo - Gronholm

Oh and anything not shown on the site (with the exception of the latest Avant 207 and the Red AutoArt 206's which i have but not photographed them yet)

I have lots of cars from my previous (non Rally) collection to swap along with a number of double slot rally cars new and old.

Thanks in advance

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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