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WARNING - Just Received

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This is an official announcement from AB Slotsport!

I repeat it for your information.

The AB SLOTSPORT web-site has been sabotaged.
Please do NOT go to AB until further notice.

Should you require product information, please use the URL for our product site - this site is unaffected.

Our e-mail is unaffected.


Andy Brown-Searle
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On their own heads be it - it's a serious and well-meant warning

Some racers may have tried to log on to today. I apologise to anyone who had had problems because of this.

The site has been a victim of a covert raid by persons who are now being tracked by our domain suppliers and independant consultants. Any information leading to the identity of the persons concerned will be welcomed and rewarded.

This illegal action has only affected the site.

Anyone wishing product information should go to which is unaffected.

Our e-mail and base computers are likewise unaffected.

Additional site security is now in hand to prevent a further occurence of this illegal activity and we hope the site will be up and running in the next 24 hours.

Once again, apologies to any clients or browsers who have been affected by this piece of Internet terrorism.


Andy Brown-Searle
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QUOTE I apologise for taking up your time, however this is just a quick message to announce that the AB SLOTSPORT web system is back up and running.

During yesterday a part of our website ( was hacked and rediverted. This has now been cured by our hosting supplier and additional security installed to prevent a re-run.

Users of the site should not have been compromised if they logged on yesterday providing they have an up to date virus program.

This raid only targeted the site, not or our e-mail. At no time has the said virus entered our base computers or e-mail system.

Anyone who thinks they may have had a problem should run their virus checker through their entire system paying special attention to Temporary Internet files. The virus was a Trojan with the name cool[1]hta. I have to say our Norton version blocked the incoming virus directly it was detected and caused no damage what so ever.

Once again, I apologise to anyone who had a problem and I am sure you will agree with me that this form of Internet Terrorism is not only illegal, but unforgivable.

All our systems are now back up and running and business has been unaffected.

Anyone with information regarding the perpetrators of this raid will be suitably rewarded!


Andy Brown-Searle
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