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"The urethane I use is Smooth-on Vita flex, its more expensive but gives far superior results to cheaper brands."...had a chuckle
when I read that. Been using the same compound to make tires for a few years now....used to supply the guys in the Toronto area...and the club guys from Montreal, as I'm in Eastern Ontario now ( know the Colonies..
) ....I use the 40 shore for a vast variety of tires to suit the tires "Cupcakes" or "Toffee Tires" because of the shape of my molds and what the tire looks like when poured....very good tires....use them on the flat latex surface of the "Autodrome"...very good....nice to see others discover the process...much less than Ort's...pretty close in results....mine go to friends for $5.00 a pair...good show Mr. Wasp!....have done VIP and old Scaley classic "tractor look" very well indeed......of course I have a few secrets up my sleeve for good results....shhhhhhno more info for you Mr. Wasp!

Good day, eh!
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