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water stop tap

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Hi Guys

I am on yet another course this week and so I wont be there to carry on bashing around with the kitchen. I don't think it matters too much if it takes a week longer!

The water tap is hanging lose and didn't leak the last time I tried it but I did turn off the main water at the stop tap. If you need to flush the loo or fill the kettle it should be ok to turn on for a short while BUT PLEASE TURN THE WATER OF AT THE STOP TAP.

Thank you and see you next week
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Kitchen is finished - thank you to David Farrow, Andy Merry and everyone else whom upgraded our facilites - appreciated

Will, next week, arrange a date when we can get together to do some general maintaince (paint floor, touch up the walls, and put up an improved results monitor)

Hi Matt and everyone

It would be a good think if we could get a few of us together. The main outstanding items seem to be, in no specific order.

1. Mount and connect new monitor, I haven't got it yet as I don't want to end up fitting it
2. New sockets in kitchen
3. Stop leak in kitchen
4. Fit doors and trim to finish kitchen
5. Paint floors, this must be done as it stops them getting slippery in the winter.
6. Fit new lights over raceway
7. Lick of paint on some of the walls Matt Tucker
8. Clear out store cupboard
9. Finish off the wiring on the slotstocks track.
10. Do something to make the loo more presentable. Tile the floor and paint would help.
11. Some wiring and move the sockets on the raceway.
12. Make new barriers for the raceway and slot stocks track.
13. Fit a door, this has been on the list too long. Someone, anyone please, you dont want me doing it!
14. A good clean up
15. Get the temp track out and get it working.

None of the jobs are too massive and could be done by most of us in a morning or an afternoon, It's just too much to ask the same ones to carry on and do all of the jobs.

If anyone wants to put there OWN name by any of the jobs and get it done over the next couple of weeks on race nights, please let me know.

We all enjoy the club and the revenue it makes through the events helps a lot. The better we can make the environment the more enjoyable time our guests have and so do we.

I know whatever date we choose some wont be able to make it but if we can set a couple of dates when some can come to the jobs can get done in the better weather it would be a good start.

See you soon

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Hi all,
Myself n Si can fit the oval fencing & set up the temp track either before or after next sat's stox meeting if that's a help?

Hi Ed

Thanks for the offer. We can get together on the next meeting and do some more work on the slot stock track.

I was hoping to do it at a different time as the dust from cutting the new pieces out would be a problem and using it when the paint is still wet may have some issues. I was kind of hoping we would be doing the work when there wasn't any racing om the track as its being fixed.

Its good to see somone come foward.

I will do some wall painting

Is brush and paint avail at the club?

Hi all,

With a bit of luck, I'll be over the club tomorrow to sort the fencing out on the oval

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