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I meant to share this one with you yesterday,
QUOTE The invention relates to a toy vehicle for a guided motor-racing circuit comprising a guiding groove and conductor rails which are adjacent to said groove. A keel which is pivotably arranged on the toy vehicle engages in the guiding groove on the motor-racing circuit in order to aid the guidance. The toy vehicle also comprises a magnetic device which interacts with the conductor rails on the motor-racing circuit by means of magnetic attraction, so that an additional retaining force holds the toy vehicle in the track on the motor-racing circuit. A rocker is pivotably fixed to the toy vehicle at one end, and the magnetic device is arranged on the rocker, at a distance from the pivotable connection. Said pivotable connection is designed in such a way that if the toy vehicle moves off course by pivoting on its longitudinal axis about the keel thereof as a pivoting point in relation to the motor-racing circuit, the rocker pivots in an opposing manner in relation to the toy vehicle, so that the magnetic device remains on the motor-racing circuit, adjacent to the conductor rails, in such a way that, even if the toy vehicle moves off course, there is a magnetic force of attraction between the magnetic device and the conductor rails.
Which is a long winded way of describing a very long guide, running under the body of a car, with magnets in that lets the tail of the car slide out but keeps the mugnut over the rails.

This one is held by Carrera.

Back to work on Tuesday so I'll be leaving Ebay and the patent office websites be.
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