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Is a phrase i've picked up a lot over the last few years, and why don't so many clubs le peoplet run newer faster cars , this is stopping new interest in the sport, surely rules bloody rules can be adjusted to let all enjoy.
I no longer race in a club as there ain't any round here , but when i did i liked to try the newer cars , i'm not stuck in the past where i try to resurect my old Ninco, i can't get the parts for it so we would all be in the same pot scrabbling around trying to keep the old tank going so i buy a new Slot it, NSR, Thunderslot instead, and enjoy the enhanced performance .
Low and behold i buy those terrible out of scale nasty nasty Thunderslots , why because they look good , go good and do me good driving them at racing speeds,, i have always thought that progress is what keeps things going along.
Don't get me wrong i love the old cars which mostly i have updated but i will get told sorry mate you can't race that we don't allow that here at this club which seems to be the way of lots of you.
Now this might wake up the dead and the dying chuckle. 😎
You need to come down the South West, Woodland Fort in Plymouth to be precise, we have classes for everything, from standard Scaley/SCX/Ninco (Production Saloons) to Libre where the car of choice is a Richard Mack Genesis chassis, we allow modified or scratchbuilt cars in all classes (saloon has it's own Pro class)
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