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Wednesday 1st Feb - Hardbody Formula Libre Part Deux

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Right then, same again on Wednesday! I have sanded all of the paint off my cars and thrown away the interiors, drivers and glass. Should be good for another 10 laps or so in 12 minutes!

We might be having visitors in the form of Ian H and Graham P from Bearwood so I'm off to Waitrose to get the catering sorted - vol-au-vents and Beluga and organic truffles and stuff like that.

As always, the invitation is wide open to anybody who finds himself or herself in the vicinity of J1 M5 on a Wednesday night and has a favourite 1:32 slotcar they wish to give a race agains NSR and CSCRA stuff on a 110' four lane wooden track. Just shout out in the thread and we'll arrange for directions to the place and make sure that somebody will be there early (me probably) to let you in.


P.S. How long has SF has the Corvette 'Jake' smiley?
I noticed it on a Parker post a couple of days ago.
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I,ll bring the Bollinger and Earl Grey then, Ayatohlah Bob has promised to give the blessing and call the faithfull
marshalls to their devotions this week.Come back The Reverend Aston says I.( For the enlightenment of the infidels,
a (pestillence upon them) i.e. non -Oaklands members

(a thousand blessings on our name)as to why " Ayatohlah" Bob, think of our local Smethwick minaret and now consider
a long,anguished ullulating cry of trraa...aaaa--CaaaaaKAAAKKK, there, NOW you understand.
Dunno mate, berwoods shut on a wensday an im noo in smevvik. so got any kit i can borra if can bovva kummin an cuzz im ded keen and thers nuffink on telly.
Ian, calm yourself, the Earl grey was a notorious inner city Brummagem pub and wheras the upstairs was the home of The South Birmingham club, before their eviction to Small Heath and thence by assimilation to Oaklands(may The Prophet smile upon us), the lower floor and main boozer was the Jobcentre for, shall we say, ladies of negotiable virtue.
As for medication, We,ll drink anything You,ll buy us, cheers.
Gentlemen, fellow Oaklanders. I hoped to never have to post an item such as this,but far from smiling upon us the Prophet has had the last laugh we,ll ever have in our venerable hut.
We are now homeless.
I have just recieved a telephone call from The Harry Mitchell Centre to tell us that our home since 1968 has been condemned and is not to be used at all. We can meet tomorrow in a small room in the main building but are not to occupy our hut.
I shall speak to the centre manager on thursday ,when he returns from leave, and I,ll perhaps know more then.
Ian, Owen will keep you post of any further developments,if any, but at the moment we have a fully equipped club with no means of using it.The HM Centre couldn,t even tell me if the power is on or not,just that we might be out due to unsafe premises.
The race results from before the lights finally went out........

1st Robbie 90.05 Cascara 906/Can-Am chassis/ProSlot 37k.
2nd Eddie 81.88 Cascara Camaro/ 37k motor.
3rdRalph 80.56 Cascara Corvette Monoposto/ProSlot37k.
4th Owen 71.92 Various.
5th Osama Bob Leaden 70.34Brass/Lead 2CV.
6TH Mark 66.45 HPI Skyline (this just HAS to be the time of the night -they,re bloody awfull! ,
7th Dave 63.05 NSR Audi.
8th Chris Variety of genuine retros .

Stan declined to compete,heckled from a safe distance then made the tea , so was forgiven.
Sandy declined to race against " a lot of (rubber) tired old fogies who should be ashamed of themselves".

was also forgiven as it,s much safer for us that way.
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1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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