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Wednesday 1st Feb - Hardbody Formula Libre Part Deux

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Right then, same again on Wednesday! I have sanded all of the paint off my cars and thrown away the interiors, drivers and glass. Should be good for another 10 laps or so in 12 minutes!

We might be having visitors in the form of Ian H and Graham P from Bearwood so I'm off to Waitrose to get the catering sorted - vol-au-vents and Beluga and organic truffles and stuff like that.

As always, the invitation is wide open to anybody who finds himself or herself in the vicinity of J1 M5 on a Wednesday night and has a favourite 1:32 slotcar they wish to give a race agains NSR and CSCRA stuff on a 110' four lane wooden track. Just shout out in the thread and we'll arrange for directions to the place and make sure that somebody will be there early (me probably) to let you in.


P.S. How long has SF has the Corvette 'Jake' smiley?
I noticed it on a Parker post a couple of days ago.
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So the comments on unfinished cars continue, shame on you Oaklanders.
I reckon a check of rear tyre widths versus latest CSCRA regs would give rise to even more comments, subtle hint. Maybe a check on ground clearances would be good. But then I am all for reducing the numbers of participants in mixed retro racing at Oaklands?!
Sorry Eddie, my cars arent red or yellow, mine are crafty green & dirty white, they appear to be the fastest 'colours', dont understand why. I do think Owens preparations are a bit over the top though & the supposed advantages a tad overstated?
Maybe I will race the unfinished Vanwall this week, if I can find the windscreen & exhaust for it!!!!!!.Omitting those must be worth a lot of laps, or maybe I shouldnt, as I can foresee major indignancies.

Sulking Stan

PS. Ralph, keep your smelly Earl Grey tea bags away from my cup!
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What would appear to be the last chapter of Oaklands Park, in their current premises has now been written.
Last Wednesday 15 Jan saw a good turnout, but it was in vain, the electrics in the clubroom had been turned off!
Something like this was bound to happen, we all knew the grand old nissen hut had been condemned as dangerous & that Sandwell Leisure would enforce this decision, just a pity they didnt tell us when & what. No mention of this impending action was made in our meeting with the landlords on 10 Feb.
Shame, a lot of sad/annoyed Oaklanders could have been avoided, not to mention a lot of wasted time & fuel.

So, we signed off with our last racing on Wed 8, round 2 of the hard body open class retro. I cant remember all the results, but there was one outstanding performance/record set. Robbie Davies did 90 laps in his 4 x 3min heats, with his CSCRA legal Porsche 906. The car was based on the Ralph Parker designed, sidewinder, Can Am, spring steel chassis, somewhat modified by Robbie, following an intensive instruction course from Ralph (the official secrets act was invoked)!!
Mark Johnstone, still holds the all out retro record, with Robbies ground scraping, breathed on, NSR Mosler, at 95 laps.
It should be noted, that despite stripping paint off bodyshells, removing windscreens & drivers & bringing out the Detroit heavy metal, Owen & Eddie did not hang onto Robbie. Due to threats of physical violence from 'bike chain Ralph', I did not race, Chicken, but those who know Ralph may agree, a wise move!!!
You will be pleased to know that our dangerous nissen hut did not shed rusted sheets of corrugated iron onto any of the racers!
Thanks Oaklands Park, for surviving all these years & allowing old time slot racers, like me, to rejoin the hobby & enjoy a few years of good racing & even more important, a great club atmosphere (maybe something to do with the unusual toilet arrangements!!!!!!!)

Let us hope some good news will follow in the not too distant future.

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