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Wednesday 1st Feb - Hardbody Formula Libre Part Deux

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Right then, same again on Wednesday! I have sanded all of the paint off my cars and thrown away the interiors, drivers and glass. Should be good for another 10 laps or so in 12 minutes!

We might be having visitors in the form of Ian H and Graham P from Bearwood so I'm off to Waitrose to get the catering sorted - vol-au-vents and Beluga and organic truffles and stuff like that.

As always, the invitation is wide open to anybody who finds himself or herself in the vicinity of J1 M5 on a Wednesday night and has a favourite 1:32 slotcar they wish to give a race agains NSR and CSCRA stuff on a 110' four lane wooden track. Just shout out in the thread and we'll arrange for directions to the place and make sure that somebody will be there early (me probably) to let you in.


P.S. How long has SF has the Corvette 'Jake' smiley?
I noticed it on a Parker post a couple of days ago.
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QUOTE (ralph @ 30 Jan 2012, 20:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I,ll bring the Bollinger and Earl Grey
I remember the Earl Grey & associated Ladies of the night
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From another SF topic: -

"I have various colour cars and i am convinced that my yellow cars go a bit faster than my red ones.
I would be interested in other members opinions. I think the multicolour cars are the slowest because they have more paint on them.

So this is the real reason Stanley's cars are unpainted, knew he was up to something
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