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welcome 2

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i have been a huge fan of impact cars for a few years now and have raced them whenever i could . i would like to tag along with kev ( bishop ) and come racing on your track when i get a spare sunday evening if possible . good luck with the club thanks jimbo
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Be great to see ya.... There's no racing 4th July... Not independance day... ben is in scotland on holidays... Nobody else has the strength to wind the layout back up!

Boxters are quick, F430's & Lambo's both managed sub 8 second laps last sunday...

We are still learning every week about what makes for good racing, managed 19 qualifiers with 4 cars per race last sunday plus three 5 car finals! so most get 5 or six races a night and its always friendly and informal, don't worry if Kev's not around, just pop along we are a really laid back crew, no car tuning required to be competitive its all about the fun!!

Must get over to see Grieg and kev at NSR on a Monday, just never seems to be something in the way...
You would be most welcome Sean, see you there some time.

Sorry to hijack your thread luckyfour, back to topic now.

Regards, Lloyd
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