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Good to see you gearing up for some building action Sean. I am looking forward to watching this unfold, particularly as my very long term plan is to get a layout in up in a converted loft.

QUOTE (hankscorpio @ 4 Feb 2011, 06:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The thinking that the cars would nudge the entry flippers out of the way running in reverse completely avoiding the "flipper drift" problem when in analogue mode is sound.... on the XLC's however it is worth mentioning that on one occasion an Audi TT managed to change lanes on an XLC near a turrn when it was sliding, that problem will need further investigation... but it was only once!

I was playing about running a car in reverse round my current layout the other day and noticed much the same thing. I have an XLC that leads into a esse bend made of a pair of R3s. Running in reverse coming out on the inside lane of the R3 before the XLC if the car is going slowly it will change lane. If it has enough speed to slide the back out slightly it will stay in its lane. I guess this is because the nature of a slot car when given two options is to continue in the direction it is pointing. So a slight slide exiting this particular corner ensures that it is being driven to stay in its lane. I think I could explain what I mean better with diagrams but hopefully you get the idea.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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