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Welcome to the London Scalextric Club thread on the SlotForum!

To find out more about our slot car club follow us as we explore the hobby we all know and enjoy - you can visit our website too for more information.

We've been racing since 1977 and our most recent circuit was built in 2011 from Scalextric Sport track and has 6 lanes ready for analogue racing. The circuit measures 33.35m (109ft) and is painted in grey polythene to create a smooth surface which protects the track whilst allowing grip from the urethane tyres that we race to be laid down.

Timing and lap counting is recorded at the start/finish line by a LED bridge and a computer program provides data for race control. Power is supplied at 13.8V to all sections of the track to ultimately ensure fast and competitive racing.

The circuit layout is often described as fast and flowing - with a technical section in the middle and long back straight before finish line. An average lap can take around 9 seconds and we race 1/32 cars with very few restrictions.

See you on track!

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Hi Michael, thought i would add my little bit .

First of all well done fro bringing the club into the 21st century with this entry.. Although the club has been around for 40 years, and is indirectly responsible for a number of other clubs forming. I personally have only been a around for the last 4 years, but in that time i have seen a number of people coming and going, but of late the numbers of new people coming and it seems staying and getting involved has made a big difference to the club. With the layout of our track in an ideal world we need 7 marshals 1 controller and 6 drivers = 14 people, we have got by with less in the past , but just recently we have had more, and not only that there is a good atmosphere on club nights,
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