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So glad to have joined SF guys. Good luck and see you soon.

Kev. G.
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Hello to all!

Another good night at ENSCA..... 24 racing including Kev - I think he enjoyed himself!

It's great to see all the kit working and everyone having fun.

Quickest lap went to Sean (Hankscorpio), with some of our younger members very hot on his heals!!

I'm sure Kev and Sean will testify, the setup is very relaxed but the track and participants allow some very close racing.

As things get more organised and more of our members find the forum, I'll put more on.

Thanks, Ben
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Was a good night... organisasion and race control went well tonight and no ID'ing
ups from me meant all things ran a lot smoother... The new hill was a big surprise... and struck fear into me for the first few laps but worked great once i let the fear go and kept the hammer down.

Watching little bens face light up when after i tweaked and sorted his viper to take a heat win... Little josh with my trued shimmed and chipped viper was blisteringly quick... Hope his mum appreciates how much work went into that car!!! even pluto took a heat win with my F430 was nice to see the racers all beaming from their new found speed... May need to shim and true my F430 for next week or those vipers may eat me for breakfast... I wouldn't mind but it was me that tuned them!!! doh!

Considering the big leap to 24 racers there were no arguments and big smiles all round... though we are gonna have to watch the girls they seem to be picking up speed week by week!!!! increasing the fuel tank size or reducing the burn to give a larger pit stop window to maybe lap 12/13 would reduce pit lane carnage on lap ten (and allow you too miss the pit entry as kev did first time) also mean you can run an extra couple of laps at full speed and allow you to take a "short fill" to save time if you dare risk running out...

And a faultless technical experience was added to by the race monitor which seemed to be attracting the crowds... maybe too much at times as we seemed to lose marshals at some points. Was interesting talking to kev about the difference with racing 4 or 6 cars on two lanes and how planning the overtaking was a big part of digital racing... compliment me thinks.... I must admit i may need a bit of no mag practice before going over to st olaves for a go on the slotfire track...

AND I SAW THE TYRES ON YOUR F430... did ya nick those off one of the new super resistants???? if so maybe mick and mark deserve a pair... probably have a couple of pairs i can spare from my pace cars.... or maybe they should get to argos!

Kev took some pics and i will do some video maybe next week so everybody can see how far youv'e brought the club since xmas. nice one ben will bring those track clips for next week... get some barriers on that first corner.... Felt like a nasa pilot when i shot off the end!

Another good night...
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Hi guy's.

You have a fantastic club going there and hats off to Ben and 'Father' for creating the 'Masterpiece'. I liked the relaxed atmosphere and not having to worry about race control. So much more fun than the first night when the track was on the floor!
It was good to finally meet and chat (Till it got dark
) to Sean who I hope will make it along to NSR Monday night!

I know I said I would be along next week but I forgot that I'm off to Donnington! So It will have to be the week after. That will give me an extra week to fit a magnet to my Porsche

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It's interesting, but I've done nothing to my tyres........ They're absolutely standard and the same as every previous week!
Is there apoint where they "wear in"?
I think the "glaze" coat must have scrubbed off with all the testing during the week.... Kev said it was handling really well... did give them a good clean along with all the 997's which seemed to help keep them on the road?

Tyres that look nice and "black" accross the tyre are wearing evenly... dusty grey ones need a good clean or maybe truing, worth a second or so a lap i would think.

I think you could shave off half a second a lap with the new grippier S/R tyres...

Lap time now down to below 9 seconds........!!
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