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Well done Williams!

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Couldn`t have happened to a nicer team!
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Thanks Kev.

I'd manged to avoid the radio, TV and news today and was just settling down to watch the recorded GP, but not before a quick look at SlotForum. Needless to say, your thread title has saved me two hours, so I'll just fast forward to the podium presentations!

Can we have spoiler alerts on race weekends? I can't be the only one who doesn't like to waste a nice sunny day by staying indoors watching GPs, but likes to avoid knowing the result until he's watched the race.

I haven't seen the race yet, but well done Williams. What a fabulous way to celebrate Frank Williams' birthday.
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No worries mate. It's a long time since I managed to watch a whole race without getting bored, so knowing the result didn't spoil it much.
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