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Well Mountain Raceway

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Since Christmas I've been restoring my old scalextric and here is my suggestion for a track.
I'm probably never gonna do scenery for it, but I am gonna do an extended version for those family and freinds bar'B'ques in the summer.

Allso I've got a couple of questions. but more on that later.

Kind Regards from Denmark


Explained Overview:

I'll post more images if this post turns out good

Kind Regards
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I´m speachless !! Awesome .. Huge .. Huh !!

Ah yes .. reg. *working* pitlane or rebuilding one, I know there has been some topics. But they might be hard to find, browse through either Digital or Track & Scenery sections .. A quick look into T & S Index gave This >> ..

-- ron --
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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