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Well Mountain Raceway

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Since Christmas I've been restoring my old scalextric and here is my suggestion for a track.
I'm probably never gonna do scenery for it, but I am gonna do an extended version for those family and freinds bar'B'ques in the summer.

Allso I've got a couple of questions. but more on that later.

Kind Regards from Denmark


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I'll post more images if this post turns out good

Kind Regards
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This track must keep you in good physical shape having to walk around it to get the cars and also in good mental shape having to understand where you are on the track. It is definitely an exceptional track.
Your track is like a city streets layout. It is interesting and different. Does such a complex design work? Can you see every spot?
When it is on the floor I guess you can, but when you raise it will you still be able to see everything?
Of course your can always stand on top of a chair. I would love to give it a try.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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