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Well Mountain Raceway

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Since Christmas I've been restoring my old scalextric and here is my suggestion for a track.
I'm probably never gonna do scenery for it, but I am gonna do an extended version for those family and freinds bar'B'ques in the summer.

Allso I've got a couple of questions. but more on that later.

Kind Regards from Denmark


Explained Overview:

I'll post more images if this post turns out good

Kind Regards
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Hmm Ok I can't have image larger than 600 px.

Okies, here it goes.

The Le Mans Start:
Pit Exits in the back.

Down Return of hope avenue and into the Casino Curve:

And then up through the Hair Pins and down again throug the Freeway Split:

The View from the top of the Hair Pins:

The Turn Into the U-turn Bridge:

View over the U-Turn Bridge, Le Grand Enlightment and down to the Final Pin And Mountain Wiggle Road:

2 Cars at the Final Pin

A view down Mountain wiggle Road:

A view Down the Mountain Hump into the Boomerang Bend:

The Mountain Hump and the Boomerang Bend:

2 cars at the Mountain Hump:

2 cars at the Mountain Hump:

After the Boomerang Bend The Cars Come down from the Mountain and into the shake your booty at Goodwood Chicane:

After this The Racers come through the skid Row And the Eagle's Beak Curve will take them to the seaview Drive and the Pit Entrances:

1 car on its way into the pit:

Before the final curve we have the Second snake Chicane:

2 cars on the edge of Return Of Hope Avenue(the beginning of the straight):

Thanks for watching
And Kind Regards From Denmark
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Thanks for the Positive Comments, and now for a question ?

Does anybody know of any tutorials, that focuses on modifying the flippers in the old pitlanes into something electric working lane changer ?

Thanks and Kind Regards From Denmark
ronMcRain =>> thanks for the link I think It'll get me started.

rallyP ==> It's more like a war dance or like a cat on a hot roof when you de-slot. since it's allover the floor at the moment, with no way of getting around it :)

Kind Regards from Denmark
QUOTE (Boney @ 22 Feb 2008, 20:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>That must be a novel way of getting carpet burns on your knees.

Yeah and a definite way to crush a handcontroller thrown by a de-slottet driver :)

Kind Regards from Denmark ==>>

I think a table will be ready just in time for the Sct. Hans Bar'b'que and the burning of the witches. :)
Now that the track design is pretty much done, I need to go work on the electrical side of things, now that is gonna be funny, knowing absolutely nothing about electrical stuff.

Kind regards from..... aaahhhh hmm a fellow danish speaking slotforum user.
Hi there
Thought I would add some imagery that I didn't fluff before upload :)

Le Mans Line Up:

Le Mans Start:

4 cars at "Le Grande Enlightment" (Still need a midle section and a leadout with lights to make em both complete):

Mountain Hump, watch your speed or you'll orbit:

4 cars at Mountain hump:

4 cars out of "The Boomerang Bend" batling for positions before "Shake Your Booty":

4 cars shakin' their booties:

4 cars out of Eagle's Bend Curve and into the last skid shicane of Skid Row:

Skid Row, Eagle's beak curve and then snake chikane 1:

2 cars into the pits, 2 cars continue:

2 cars into the pits, 2 cars continue:

Overview of the pit lanes (Still need a black sqeeze curve):

It seems like I will have to try peco PK-10's for the pitlane changers( I guess, according to otherthreads in here) have anybode tried this mod specifically on the Classic pit lanes ?

Kind Regards from Denmark
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QUOTE (rallyP @ 24 Feb 2008, 21:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Your track is like a city streets layout. It is interesting and different. Does such a complex design work? Can you see every spot?
When it is on the floor I guess you can, but when you raise it will you still be able to see everything?
Of course your can always stand on top of a chair. I would love to give it a try.

Well the basic layout of the track has come together over the last couple of months where I've been trying different approaches and designs.
As it is now inside on the floor spanning 10 meters x 2.5 it's pretty imposible to race 4 persons but when I get it outside this summer it'll be great, there are however 2 difficult spots:
1. the end of the straight, (But I think I read on another thread that everybody have problems at the end of a straight - when to let go of the gas)
2. the first hairpin is a litle bit hidden by the top one. not really a problem when you are standing up. and when it gets outside i might build a litle stand for the drivers to stand on :)
3. I thought that the Freeway split would cause alot of problems but it hasn't. In the summer I might add a nother piece of straight after the top pin so that the freeway split thingie wont turn beneath the previous pin. but however this is the compact edition(Indoor in the winter)

Does the design work, well I think that'll be a question of personal preferences.
It defenitly satisfies me.
1. the length and variations makes it an exciting drive for hours(Months)
2. It's pretty fast to mod it into a 2 lane race (Which Makes it a monster ride for 2 persons) I do have two hill climb turns aswell just for my solo enjoyment.
3. there are plenty of places to take over your opponents, but there are allso alot of chicanes to look out for (And who have ever crashed an won a race)

I'm glad you think it's a city like layout, because thats what I've been Imagining while building it.
I'm thinking a GT race on Ordinary roads + alitle bit of racetrack (Like the Le Mans Race)
This race takes place in and around a litle southern europe city Called Well Mountain. The city resides on a litle stretch of land inbetween the sea and the Mountainside.
So the Main staight is just the New Mainroad through the vally The MounTain Wiggle road is off course higher than this and the seaview drive is gonna be taken down to sealevel and not just be the same height as the main straight. So this way the view of the track is no problem hence it's laid out so that the tracks closes to the sea is allso the lovest with the drivers pretty much standing out in the sea over looking the whole thing.
The different places is named pretty much after different events in the citys history. But the story of the citys founding farther (Sct. Claus) I will keep to myself for now.

Kind Regards From Denmark
Anybody comming to Denmark for theire summer holiday can have a test drive on it if they mail me.
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