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Well Mountain Raceway

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Well some time ago I started my work on the "Well Mountain Raceway" and during the winter i came up with this track:
Well Mountain Raceway

Since the beginning of the spring I've moved the track outside and into the old chicken pen, re-arranged the track to this new layout "- edition klondyke" and build it on a table construction of some sort.

Explained Overview

A quick run through of the new 56 meters:

"Cradle Rock Boulevard" is where it all starts and it will take you straight to the
"Reservoir Corner" which will lead you up and through the "Gravel Pit Hairpins" and to the
"Great View Viaduct" after the last hairpin you'll continue down the
"Getaway Trail" which ends at the
"Goodwood Funeral Grounds" after this comes the
"Tomahawk Bend" and "Tornado Drive" which ends in the
"Tumbleweed Turn." Continue along
"Buffalo Hump Road" ease gently to the right at
"The Drugstore Inc." and via the
"Frontier Path" to "Eagles Beek Curve."
Then you'll pass the Whippin Post" and start working your way up through the
"Heavy Pooh Planes", last but not least you'll take the
"Thanks Giving Passage" which will ultimately return you to the finnishing line at
"Cradle Rock Boulevard."

Hope you'll enjoy the ride
It's still 3 weeks for that big danish Sct. Hans Bar'B'cue so if your close to Well Mountain please pass by for a test drive :)

Kind Regards From Denmark
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1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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