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Well Mountain Raceway

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Well some time ago I started my work on the "Well Mountain Raceway" and during the winter i came up with this track:
Well Mountain Raceway

Since the beginning of the spring I've moved the track outside and into the old chicken pen, re-arranged the track to this new layout "- edition klondyke" and build it on a table construction of some sort.

Explained Overview

A quick run through of the new 56 meters:

"Cradle Rock Boulevard" is where it all starts and it will take you straight to the
"Reservoir Corner" which will lead you up and through the "Gravel Pit Hairpins" and to the
"Great View Viaduct" after the last hairpin you'll continue down the
"Getaway Trail" which ends at the
"Goodwood Funeral Grounds" after this comes the
"Tomahawk Bend" and "Tornado Drive" which ends in the
"Tumbleweed Turn." Continue along
"Buffalo Hump Road" ease gently to the right at
"The Drugstore Inc." and via the
"Frontier Path" to "Eagles Beek Curve."
Then you'll pass the Whippin Post" and start working your way up through the
"Heavy Pooh Planes", last but not least you'll take the
"Thanks Giving Passage" which will ultimately return you to the finnishing line at
"Cradle Rock Boulevard."

Hope you'll enjoy the ride
It's still 3 weeks for that big danish Sct. Hans Bar'B'cue so if your close to Well Mountain please pass by for a test drive :)

Kind Regards From Denmark
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Well with no further delay, some images:

The Cradle Rock Straight:

Resevoir Curve:

Resevoir curve 2:

The Gravel Pits 1:

The Gravel Pits 2:

Great View Viaduct 1:

Great View Viaduct 2:

Le Grande Chicane:

GetAway Trail 1:

GetAway Trail 2:

Goodwood Funeral Grounds:

Tomahawk Turn 1:

Tomahawk Turn 2:

Tornado Drive:

Tumbleweed Turn:

Buffalo Humb Road:

The Drugstore Inc. 1

The Drugstore Inc. 2

Eagles Beek Curve:

The Whippin Post:

Heavy Pooh Planes 1:

Heavy Pooh Planes 2:

Heavy Pooh Planes 3:

Thanks Giving Drive:

Cradle Rock Straight:

Kind Regards From Denmark
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QUOTE (Ronan @ 8 Jun 2008, 01:07) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>That looks amazing! A lot of track building for a temporary track! Well done!

- Thanks, It's all for my son, my family and my pure pleasure in building tracks - I just love it, it's like meditation and it gives me something to do besides computer related stuff that gives me food on the table(and track to run on)

QUOTE (ferraif40 @ 8 Jun 2008, 08:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi

WOW, what sort of length is it?


- around the 56 Meters which equals to about 184 ft

QUOTE (slotss @ 8 Jun 2008, 13:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Crap, I need a bigger shed!
Well done.

- nah just do more elevations and flyovers :) Thanks, I'm fortunate to have access to this place, unfortunately it's dusty as hell(Theres no real floor), but I hope to give it a concrete floor during the winter.
Then I'll probably do a new track inside anyways, maby a digital project ?

"If I had more space, i would just build a bigger track"

Kind Regards from Denmark
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QUOTE (DJ @ 8 Jun 2008, 23:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What an amazing track.
How does it run? I find that old, classic track never joins together very well and is bumpy. I ended up replacing it with new Sport which is much smoother.
How many power taps do you have around it?

How does it run ?

Well it starts out technically with the gravel pits then some good speed on the via duct view remember the final hairpin and go down the getaway trail and pass the Goodwood funeral grounds then you just blast away through the tomahawk turn pretty much until you reach the heavy Pooh planes where you must be carefull, and then it's just back to the straight.

As to what type of track?
I find that every track system needs some maintnaince after some time, the classic track has fantastic grip and you can just accelerate on them like nothing else, in a dusty environment the sport track just gets even slipperier.
I really like some of the old classic chicanes as well and on a final note you can get alot of it on ebay for no money.

Outdated computer literarature(or anything heavy) is a exelent tool to fix bumbs in both track systems, and do bending of tracks aswell :)
I did remove my pitlanes though in this layout because they made the main straight to bumby when running mag-less.
Allso since I'm mostly a fan of racing on real roads and some race track like the lemans, I just see it as different asfalt quality/road quality :)
I trim the guides on most of my cars though since the grove in the classic track is a litle less than sport track.

I've tested with a wide variety of cars including trucks, with and without magnets and my 3 and a half year old sun can actually run a couple of rounds without deslotting with some of the Scalectric Heavy resistence Mag equiped cars (TT, Porsche Boxter etc. etc.)

Without magnets it becomes challenging and it's pretty frustrating if you don't start out by wiping the track for dust. but when that is done it's very funny with plenty of tail action :)

As to Power Taps I have got 4 at the moment
1 at the midle of the straight
1 after the getaway trail
1 after the buffalo hump
1 at beginning of the viaduct view

I'm probably gonna do 3 or 4 more
1 at the beginning of tornado drive
1 at the beginning of the straight
1 after the reservoir corner and one after the Heavy Pooh planes
But it runs smooth and I allways build my tracks and make sure that I have an unbroken current flow around the track before adding powertaps.
The power is just standard Scalectric power thingies.

Kind Regards from Denmark
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QUOTE (Graham Lane @ 9 Jun 2008, 06:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Wizard track design! It must be enormous fun. I'd love to see a video of the cars coming through Goodwood Funeral Grounds.

- thanks Graham, I'm planning on some video:

Resumé:(Read this with a very deep and dramatic voice)

Every year, an exclusive club of excentric millionaires, get together near the litle Tex Mex village of Well Mountain.
In a 24 hour racing event they batle for the honnors and a grand price of 1 million GBP.

No cost is spared to reach the ultimate goal, no burden is too heavy in becoming the winner, the only one at the top of the podium.
"The Well Mountain Champion of the year"

Paulo Plenty - the Italien hitman
Franz Von der Flugel Stugel - the Doctor aus Duisburg
Patrice Pivoet - the Limpin Liar from Lyon
and least but no last
Donald "Duckling" Johnson - Mr. up ****e creek without a padle, from downunder

Coming to youtube theaters around the globe this Summer:
"The Road to Well Mountain
- The Batle of the Filthy Few has begun"

Kind Regards from Denmark
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Thanks for all the positive comments :)

I've tried to put together a little test video of the track.

My Co driver is my freind Alexander From Russia, an avid F1 Fan, but an slotcar Novice :) But he picked it up pretty quick.

Welcome to Well Mountain Raceway

I'm new to this video/youtube thing so the quality is ...... well bad :)

Kind Regards from Denmark
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Well we burned the whitch Monday evening, and much to my surprice most of the cars worked the day after :)

Today I desided to try, to make some different pine tree type of trees
I've never tried to do scenery before but thought I would show the result.

3 different trees before painting:

Painted trees outside 1:

Painted trees outside 2:

trackview 1:

trackview 2:

now i just need about 997 additional trees some rocks and some houses :)
Nahhhh....Not in a lifetime

Kind Regards from Denmark
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Today has been a GREAT day

I finally recieved the last piece of track that I needed for The Grande Enlightment Chicane, which completes my collection of lighted scalextric pieces:

The Grande Enlightment and to lighted CrossOvers:

And Lighted Skid Chicane:

and another:

And then I went and made some more wilderness:

It's actually pretty funny:

Kind Regards from Denmark

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QUOTE (Graham Lane @ 28 Jun 2008, 20:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>When I first saw those trees I thought 'What is this guy on?'. Now I see that in fact they are inspired! What a great idea and I'm sure a lot of people will be copying them.

Thanks Graham.
We can't all be like tileguy, knoath, or the numerous other scenery gurus like yourself on this forum.
But the idea that you can actually find everything needed for doing sceenery, outside in the "real world" kinda apeals to me. (apart from the paint and the hairspray)

As to what kind of medication that I'm on, I just try to stay sedated, and on a creative rush:) .... and then something about variation, and nature not being perfect, and patina(guess you guys call it weathering), or degration, Mutation through a whole life etc.etc and a whole spree of other influences such as music, my sons entusiasm, and freinds.

Since the beginning of my litle project I've had two types of sceenery visions in my head(Not that I'm gonna do them but anyway here they come):
1. The Black, white and grey architect approach, with all new buildings done in white cardboard, kinda like a big model of an "Complete Area Make Over"
2. The post Neuclear war zone/Mad Max wasteland with burned houses and trees approach.

I havn't really seen anything like the 2 mentioned ideas above, so if anyone reading this, knows of such projects I would love to see some links.

QUOTE (gordon24 @ 29 Jun 2008, 05:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Man alive !!!!!! WHAT A CIRCUIT !!!!!!
Video, Video, Video

Since I'm not a Forum + member I can't embed the video in this post(correct me if I'm wrong, and tell me how to), but I did a couple of labs that you can see here:

Video Link Video Link Video Link

Kind Regards from Denmark

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Well all good things must come to an end,
I packed the track away( or put it in stacks ready for new adventures on the rugs of Well Mountain.

I've had different visitors from around the world during the summer and Jan from Holland did this :)
">this thread actually starts here.

Overview of the final creature, it differs a bit from the initial build :) I've been finetuning it untill the end.

I've included a huge one on my flicker acount that you can see here:
Well Mountain Raceway overview here(click this link)

The Classic section:

and the Sports Section:

the Room & the powerTaps

And the power section :)

Questions are welcome and until the next time.......
have a butyfull life and wake up happy.

...-Is it true that large sections of the track are dispapearing ?
- I'm affraid so, and will you look at that!!

- Damn that's an ugly paintjob ehh?
- Yeah that's an ugly bitch - she's even got stretchmarks on her lips

- Damn I'm feeling weird.
- I've told you before, don't go to the cantina after 10 o'clock.

- Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
- Uhhhhhhhhhhhh

- If the guys over at ferraris can get a hazardspaymen bonus so can we
- Actually those tacos tasted better the second time.

Good nighty & sleep tighty......
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QUOTE (Nigel Pendrigh @ 21 Oct 2008, 00:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The room that you are using just goes to show how robust and versatile Scalextric is

If you kept there over the winter, would you be able to get ice on the track for that genuine winter race feel?

It may be hard to control the cars wearing ski gloves!

I was very supprised that noting really happend to the track, except from dust, dust and more dust.
Actually, when I had taken it all down, the same night we had a rain storm, and the classic selection, got all soaked in water due to holes in the windows close by. :-(

But they survived aswell :)
hopefully I'll get to do something to this room over the winter so it'll be of better use next summer.

Cheers & enjoy life to the max.
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QUOTE (L.Cerante @ 27 Oct 2008, 17:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Wow! What a fantastic job you´ve done mate!

Please don´t let your spirit down because of the fate of nature! Get back to work and recover the track.

And I believe you should take advantage of the coming christmas and get some nice good priced plastic christmas trees ,make little pine trees and add on your track. I´ll do that! next summer you´ll have a lot more to do!


Thx Mr. Cerante, I can only aspire to your level of sceenery wizardry.

You can pretty much run over your old scalextric track with a Panzer Tank or tractor and still bend it back in shape and run it, prior to building this track some of it had been lying around the loft for about 20+ years.

Some WD40 took care of it and it was up an running in a couple of hours.

Conserning the trees :) this was my first effort, :)
but check this link and you'll see that I've developed them further :)

Havn't tried the toilet paper yet. :)

Keep up your exelent work :)
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