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Well Mountain Rally/Sprint, my first permanent build

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Hi all, and endless thanks to all the fantastic and creative people in the forum.

Well I've desided to start build a sectional permanent track that can be packed away even though it will contain different landscaping.

Actually I set out to build a small test track so that I could clean up and fine tune all my cars that have been in the chicken shed all summer.
But I ended up with this:

After a litle playing around I thought that it would be an allright track to build as a permanent track.
And I started playing around and planning the different sections:

I used some time finetuning the TwistyCurbyHumpSection:

I still han't got a good idea as to how I'm gonna support this TwistyCurbyHumpSection, so any ideas are welcome.

And out of the twistyCurbyHumpSection:

And into Section 3:

The cars used for elevation supports are some of the cars that should have been cleaned and here is another one:

I did a small video while adjusting the different pieces of track
Fly Lancia no-magnet speed controller in the left hand cammera in the right hand:


Sector1 Back:

Sector1 Latch:

Sector 1 and 2:

Sector 1 Storage compartment:

Placing of initial elevations

The Goodwood Pass:

First Test drive:

Aston Coming down:

Cop At the turn Around at the mountain top:

The front of the two sections will contain landscaping and track aswell and so will the top and bottom pieces for section 2
I've got quite a few ideas for this so I hope I'll be able to maintain focus and tuck along with all this track building stuff.

So please tell me what you all think.

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Dang, PSRRFH! .. when you think you've seen it all .. there comes a new way to it! Build it in a box, eyh! Missed this one, but I'll keep an eye on it ..

Btw. I'll also bet that the C.C.-brand and Heineken in view .. is same can size? Or even a Tuborg?

-- ron --
Uh .. I like the wall! .. "the Wall" [and almost anything by mr. R. Waters, Thank You Very Much! .. and so on and so forth] ..

But hey, you're lucky you don't live in China ..

Cardboard bricks, you say .. hmm now .. uh-ah .. time for my medication! Gotta run ........

-- ron --
QUOTE (Graham Lane @ 26 Nov 2008, 11:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Wow, brilliant!
I've been wondering how to face my viaduct as I didn't want to use Styrofoam yet again. ...
@Graham, have you seen This >> .. I'm not sure if it's the right one, I may have another linky somewhere to a shop that also sells [real stone] cut-offs, cheap in bags, as well as this kind of material.

Might not come cheap, though. As you got a huge Roman Aqueduct there ..

EDIT. Found the right one -- This >>

Ah yes, PSRRFH .. cardboard tubes = Brilliant!

-- ron --
Oh dear, Lars Ole .. just when one thinks you have shown us all the wonders, you pull up somemething very new from your sleeve. This is simply amazing! At least, I've never seen anything like it before .. Just like a church window in street paving .. [Hmm, how's about a guy painting "street paintings" somewhere on the layout?]

I had a stroll earlier today and were eying the stone pavements, [measuring them, mindmapping] as we have some oldish streets, with different kinds of pavings where I live. I had an idea similar to yours, a street square, with a sequence of hairpins. But still unsure about it, which way to go .. I think I've seen the light now! Thanx ..

-- ron --
Hi Per .. Here below are some of the photos I took today. I've also made two *public* folders in "My Albums" named *Photo References* and *Pavements* and will try to upload some pictures as I take them or resize them. Got about 35 or something, and as I myself need some ref. photos too so it's no big deal. Hopefully we can share photos or scenic ideas and later on, see them getting realized, too ..

For starters, two from the same street crossing. This part of town is for "walking" with very little traffic or no cars [I believe it's a bit restricted, in a way or another] Boardwalk higher up, a row of stones that "mark" the adjoining street and there are no zebra-crossings anywhere to be seen. Straight pattern on boardwalk, sunfeather on the street.

Further down street, a little square. No edge on the right side, only on left for boardwalks. Note the pattern around manhole and the street/boardwalks. The wide slabs are everywhere to be found. Usually with rows of 3 -5 stones between them. Actually a Danish influence that, I believe ..

This below is at the outer perimeter, drive right, you end up on a main street. Left leads to the edge of an old fortification and some grassy hills. "Walkers only", that and "marked" in a way in the cobblestones.

This could make it as a Rally-Loop? I'm standing on the slope up to the old fortification.

A homage to all the stone masons and masters of the old crafts! This was done in late 80-ies .. by the old masters, they were given "free hands" so it's a kind of a sculpture. The whole square is like that.

Finally, at the same spot .. influence of some sort? ..

There are a few more in that album and I'll be adding some more very shortly. They're free for anyone to use. PM me if you'd wish to have a printable/high res. version.

-- ron --
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QUOTE (PSRRFH @ 11 Mar 2009, 14:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>/ ... / maybe there is a niche available for somebody doing custom track surfacing :) To me moulds(not that I'll never use one) are like loops in music, it only takes my brain a single repetition to spot the machine in the music. or the mould in the scenery.
cheers and as usual thanks to all for watching.
Hi Lars Ole ..

I think you got something there! I've so far only done a few experiments with pavement or stone. Wall compound, recycled paper/pulp, mdf .. I also read of someone using custom made molds and white carpenters glue [was that in this Forum?] .. But as you can do rock molds, why not *duplicate* pavements? Interesting thought! Hmm .. I'll add a mental note on that to *future projects*.

btw. sorry I renamed you .. late in the evening and all that .. and also, Copenhagen is a great city to visit!

-- ron --
Woo-hoo .. the last picture in reply #184 is a beauty!! Those above are great too, the cobblestones are very good. But more colours than that would be overkill, I think.

Now you only need to add the small "trattorias", or perhaps better, a "pölseman", the clowns .. the elephants ..

The sidewalks are there for a reason, I take? Room for some small cafe tables and such .. There was a topic about those, somewhere ..

-- ron --
QUOTE (pedemann @ 26 Jun 2009, 14:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>... why not trying this
.. from the beginning: Rally-Projekt 'La Ronde Cévenole'
Aaw-ha haaaa ... Crazy french [or is it not?] First you build the layout, THEN you build a house around it!

pedemann, what does the dots & digits in the schematic of the track mean? Height, distance? Track is Scaley Classic, right? It's also interesting to see someone using GoogleSketchUp for such a vast project!!

-- ron --
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Aw-ha haa ... Now it all starts to make sense. The barrel vaulted porticoes or tunnels, the organic shapes, the mosaics, the bright colours .. Don't tell me this all wasn't part of your plan, eyh?

Gaudi indeed! Brilliant stuff, both Gaudi & your track, Lars!!

-- ron --
sig .. Totally Amazing Stuff!!

-- ron --
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