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Well Mountain Rally/Sprint, my first permanent build

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Hi all, and endless thanks to all the fantastic and creative people in the forum.

Well I've desided to start build a sectional permanent track that can be packed away even though it will contain different landscaping.

Actually I set out to build a small test track so that I could clean up and fine tune all my cars that have been in the chicken shed all summer.
But I ended up with this:

After a litle playing around I thought that it would be an allright track to build as a permanent track.
And I started playing around and planning the different sections:

I used some time finetuning the TwistyCurbyHumpSection:

I still han't got a good idea as to how I'm gonna support this TwistyCurbyHumpSection, so any ideas are welcome.

And out of the twistyCurbyHumpSection:

And into Section 3:

The cars used for elevation supports are some of the cars that should have been cleaned and here is another one:

I did a small video while adjusting the different pieces of track
Fly Lancia no-magnet speed controller in the left hand cammera in the right hand:


Sector1 Back:

Sector1 Latch:

Sector 1 and 2:

Sector 1 Storage compartment:

Placing of initial elevations

The Goodwood Pass:

First Test drive:

Aston Coming down:

Cop At the turn Around at the mountain top:

The front of the two sections will contain landscaping and track aswell and so will the top and bottom pieces for section 2
I've got quite a few ideas for this so I hope I'll be able to maintain focus and tuck along with all this track building stuff.

So please tell me what you all think.

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QUOTE (ronMcRain @ 29 Sep 2008, 22:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Dang, PSRRFH! .. when you think you've seen it all .. there comes a new way to it! Build it in a box, eyh! Missed this one, but I'll keep an eye on it ..
-- ron --

I'm building my village in a box too Ron, or did you miss that one too?

QUOTE (ferraif40 @ 30 Sep 2008, 23:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi

This a looking good! Never seen a plastic rally track before, so it should look great!

How about a Italian look? Running through the streets would look great!


Yep, good idea Jon, I'm here with any photos you might need. Let me know.
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QUOTE (PSRRFH @ 2 Oct 2008, 23:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>actually if you or any other have any photos of "roadside tributes" or "Maddonas" or "Plates in mememory of"
eg. on Col de Portet d'Aspet in france, cyclist Fabio Casartelli tragically died in a crash and they put up a Monument in memory of him.
wikki link here

I think I'm gona try not to make it one particular country or area all over but instead try to have, different types and blend them into each other(so ofcource the italian village are gonna be there somewhere, somehow and sometime).

Allso I'm a virgin(not for long) to this scenery thing so it's basically gonna be trial an error.....all over the place :)
I'll post some photos of roadside shrines and madonnas shortly for you.

BTW if you're claiming to be a slot car virgin...try SCX.
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Whuoooh, blimmin nice trees! If the rest of the track matches up to this it will be one to watch.
Hi there. This is developing into a really interesting thread on a very imaginative track. The new approach on trees has been really inspiring and I am soaking all this up ready to do the forest section of my valley. Thanks. Crepe paper is a brilliant idea for texturing tree trunks.

I read back through the whole thread and picked up on this...

QUOTE (PSRRFH @ 29 Sep 2008, 18:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>and ofcourse I'm gonna attempt to do a waterfall which are gonna span the goodwood pass and fall all the way through the 2 sections.... hopefully real running water :)

Comments & suggestions are welcome

MDF is notorious at absorbing humidity, let alone water. You need to seal it all over first, and I mean the whole thing not just the waterfall area (it may be too late to do that now). My brother made a sign for the shop we had back in the early nineties. He projected the letters onto a sheet of MDF and drew round them. Then cut them out with a jigsaw and sealed them with several coats of a product called sanding sealer (not sure who made it). Then he sprayed them up and fitted them to the shop façade. There was no sign of any damage even though they were exposed to heavy rain and the shop was next door to a river. Top job from Simon, who was a professional model-maker.
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OMG someone else with that gorgeous Alfa! It's on my Christmas list. Just don't you guys go buying up all the stock!
Wow, brilliant!

I've been wondering how to face my viaduct as I didn't want to use Styrofoam yet again. I really wanted brickwork but don't fancy the commercial sheets as it's hard to do the keystones in the arches. Slicing up cardboard into bricks with a guillotine is the answer. Perfect! Many thanks.
QUOTE (PSRRFH @ 26 Nov 2008, 15:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>@ Graham - thats gonna be a monstrous task(how many arches are in that thing ?), a bit tedious but easier than using the dremmel I think.
Like you say using a guillotine to make the bricks is fast and not a problem. I did all my bricks by hand so they vary in size

Another way of doing it is like this.
I'm working on the piece for the arch(the roof Under the bridge) and I'm using a thin piece of undercut mdf, so thats actual all the horizontal lines(for free:)), then I only have to make the vertical brick dividers(sharp chisel), if you understand me. otherwise I'll do some images if you like?

I understand what you're saying. I need to experiment I think.

QUOTE (ronMcRain @ 27 Nov 2008, 17:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>@Graham, have you seen This >> .. I'm not sure if it's the right one, I may have another linky somewhere to a shop that also sells [real stone] cut-offs, cheap in bags, as well as this kind of material.

Might not come cheap, though. As you got a huge Roman Aqueduct there ..

Ah yes, PSRRFH .. cardboard tubes = Brilliant!

-- ron --

Ah, yes Ron, I've seen these. I like the challenge of making my own but it's certainly an option.

There are actually nine arches in my viaduct!
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What a romantic track! I love this element, takes you off into a world you've always dreamt of but never been to. Super!
That's a really clever idea with the bridge! It fits in nicely with your track theme. Well done.
QUOTE (gokartride @ 10 Mar 2009, 23:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Doing 1:32 brickwork does build character, I will say that.

Yep, I can vouch for that!
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I've just played catch-up on this track and must say it is awesome. You need to be a bit crazy in this game and that's what creates the special tracks. Real snow! Wow, don't worry, be happy. It'll clean up OK, but don't wait til it melts!

Several people wanted this track to be in my little fun poll for Track of the Year but I set the criteria for tracks started in 2009, otherwise the list would be endless.
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