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Well Mountain Rally/Sprint, my first permanent build

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Hi all, and endless thanks to all the fantastic and creative people in the forum.

Well I've desided to start build a sectional permanent track that can be packed away even though it will contain different landscaping.

Actually I set out to build a small test track so that I could clean up and fine tune all my cars that have been in the chicken shed all summer.
But I ended up with this:

After a litle playing around I thought that it would be an allright track to build as a permanent track.
And I started playing around and planning the different sections:

I used some time finetuning the TwistyCurbyHumpSection:

I still han't got a good idea as to how I'm gonna support this TwistyCurbyHumpSection, so any ideas are welcome.

And out of the twistyCurbyHumpSection:

And into Section 3:

The cars used for elevation supports are some of the cars that should have been cleaned and here is another one:

I did a small video while adjusting the different pieces of track
Fly Lancia no-magnet speed controller in the left hand cammera in the right hand:


Sector1 Back:

Sector1 Latch:

Sector 1 and 2:

Sector 1 Storage compartment:

Placing of initial elevations

The Goodwood Pass:

First Test drive:

Aston Coming down:

Cop At the turn Around at the mountain top:

The front of the two sections will contain landscaping and track aswell and so will the top and bottom pieces for section 2
I've got quite a few ideas for this so I hope I'll be able to maintain focus and tuck along with all this track building stuff.

So please tell me what you all think.

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you might say you are a scenery virgin, but remember, training makes a master
The layout is great and it will be fun to follow the scenery, and hey if your scenery is as good as your drawing, you will be fine!
PS: Do you know any good slot shops in Copenhagen (actually writing this from a hotel room in Copenhagen!)
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Lars Ole,
Looks great, I love the way you have build the mountain and the fake road on the back drop. Pure enjoyment to look at, look forward to the rest!
Lars Ole
I haven't seen your progress for a while, and what I just saw is mind blowing!
Well done Lars Ole, I am going to have to visit on one of my trips to Denmark, just to make sure it is real!
Fancy a pint after Easter?
Well done, Per
Lars Ole
I am now nearly sure that you have gone off the rail, or was it the slots
I have never seen anything like it, it is just great! A true joy and inspiration to follow
What about some overview pictures, would be nice to see what it all looks like (just to make sure you are not just making dioramas
Keep it up! Per
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QUOTE (pedemann @ 6 Jul 2009, 11:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>



cu peter

Not sure either, but I think I had the same drinks that gave you this vision at Grahams MMM BBQ party on Saturday
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Lars Ole,
Great to see that you are using the long and light summers evenings to the full effect.
Your track is just getting better and better, a joy to watch.
Lars Ole,
Those Trafic cones are abselutely great! What a neat idea using the fuse protection. I can see you have been busy lately, is that because you have been snowed in
Also your street light looks great, what are you powering them with?
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