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Well Mountain Rally/Sprint, my first permanent build

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Hi all, and endless thanks to all the fantastic and creative people in the forum.

Well I've desided to start build a sectional permanent track that can be packed away even though it will contain different landscaping.

Actually I set out to build a small test track so that I could clean up and fine tune all my cars that have been in the chicken shed all summer.
But I ended up with this:

After a litle playing around I thought that it would be an allright track to build as a permanent track.
And I started playing around and planning the different sections:

I used some time finetuning the TwistyCurbyHumpSection:

I still han't got a good idea as to how I'm gonna support this TwistyCurbyHumpSection, so any ideas are welcome.

And out of the twistyCurbyHumpSection:

And into Section 3:

The cars used for elevation supports are some of the cars that should have been cleaned and here is another one:

I did a small video while adjusting the different pieces of track
Fly Lancia no-magnet speed controller in the left hand cammera in the right hand:


Sector1 Back:

Sector1 Latch:

Sector 1 and 2:

Sector 1 Storage compartment:

Placing of initial elevations

The Goodwood Pass:

First Test drive:

Aston Coming down:

Cop At the turn Around at the mountain top:

The front of the two sections will contain landscaping and track aswell and so will the top and bottom pieces for section 2
I've got quite a few ideas for this so I hope I'll be able to maintain focus and tuck along with all this track building stuff.

So please tell me what you all think.

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Hi all
Thought it was about time for an update :)

I'm mostly doing this in the week-ends so I'm not progressing as fast as I would like, how ever I did manage to finish all borders so that the track is now officially ressesed:

I allso modded a goodwood chicane to create the goodwood pass:

Another shot of some borders on the uphill turn

Allso I did two different Sandwich Foam constructions

the 180 hairpin

the 180 Insertion place

180 in place
The mickey Mouse ears will be used for my permanent and allways within reach can of CocaCola :)

The other sandwich that I did was the actual turnaround point at the top of the mountain, even though it's within the limits of the top sector, I want to be able to Unmount the loop and mount one of the flight case fronts so in the end(in many moons) I'll be able to make a complete circuit and make a two person race ( did that make any sense ? I hope so):

the turn Around Mounted into place

The turn Around unmounted

This one was a litle tricky and I had to glue a couple of things inplace before foaming:

Cheasy 80ties Hair Metal records and some heavy stuff on top is great to level everything while the expander foam does its thing

And then some finetuning of the excess foam

Pretty level

only a litle left :)

and then a couple of sketches for the next face

the main road is gonna continue here just before the Goodwood pass:

and ofcourse I'm gonna attempt to do a waterfall which are gonna span the goodwood pass and fall all the way through the 2 sections.... hopefully real running water :)

Comments & suggestions are welcome
Hope you enjoyed
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QUOTE (jmswms @ 29 Sep 2008, 22:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Love the way you designed the waterfall section -- now that Goodwood section makes perfect sense. You've got a nice artistic eye. Looking forward to further updates!
Thx alot, rock mastro of all rock mastros, it's gonna be a challenge this scenery thing

QUOTE (ronMcRain @ 29 Sep 2008, 22:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Dang, PSRRFH! .. when you think you've seen it all .. there comes a new way to it! Build it in a box, eyh! Missed this one, but I'll keep an eye on it ..

Btw. I'll also bet that the C.C.-brand and Heineken in view .. is same can size? Or even a Tuborg?

-- ron --

The beers are in the picture to remind me to drink more of them as I rarely get out.
actually the Heinekens were brought to me by a dutch guy(Jan, You know who you are) that came to race on my big layout, and the six Tuborg Classics in the back I had bought in case he wanted something to drink :) the one missing Heineken was dropped on the ground and exploded just when he arrived and I think 10 minutes later we were drinking cold cans of CocaCola instead of beer :_)
Actually I like beers quite a bit and get me to drink 2 and you cant make me stop, but I really hate the hangover, and it takes me something like 2 days to get over it, which dosn't work well with a kid and all.

The box concept is probably not a new thought, but it will be handy(Even quite heavy) and I'll have something to race on when I'm alone(Like most of the time).
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QUOTE (Graham Lane @ 1 Oct 2008, 12:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Yep, good idea Jon, I'm here with any photos you might need. Let me know.

actually if you or any other have any photos of "roadside tributes" or "Maddonas" or "Plates in mememory of"
eg. on Col de Portet d'Aspet in france, cyclist Fabio Casartelli tragically died in a crash and they put up a Monument in memory of him.
wikki link here

I think I'm gona try not to make it one particular country or area all over but instead try to have, different types and blend them into each other(so ofcource the italian village are gonna be there somewhere, somehow and sometime).

Allso I'm a virgin(not for long) to this scenery thing so it's basically gonna be trial an error.....all over the place :)
....Well before I go mental I better do something else.... I'm velding all the track pieces together for the goodwoodpass, something that I don't really find very inspiering :-( so I desided to experiment with some styro rock formations aswell.

Added a couple of cars to see how it looked :)

some spectators


number 3


besides that I recieved this in the mail and I can't even try it :-( .-(

I just love the vents

And it looks good with theese 2

Stay happy & thx for watching..
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QUOTE (perthor @ 2 Oct 2008, 22:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>you might say you are a scenery virgin, but remember, training makes a master
The layout is great and it will be fun to follow the scenery, and hey if your scenery is as good as your drawing, you will be fine!
PS: Do you know any good slot shops in Copenhagen (actually writing this from a hotel room in Copenhagen!)

You can say that :)

try this link:

it's a train shop, but they have good scalextric support, and good offers on fly classics and ninco cars, they are cleaning theire stock.
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Hi, just a couple of images of the styro Rocks, without spraypaint:

Don't eat that yellow snow.... the yellow pieces of styro, is pieces of expander foam that i cut up an added inbetween the styro, which seems to give a nice variation, to the structures
from the other end:

And I just gotta praise Ninco for making nice cars, Theese tires are so nice:

why is it that every Ninco car that I buy, I can just remove the Magnut, and it runs fantastic without any further adjustments, I love 'em

Thx all
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Well, Inbetween welding trackpieces like a mad man I have started to prepare for the sceenery phase, so here are some images to substantiate my claims :)

10 different shades of scatter

from left to right
1. Absolute Finlandia Moss
2. Reds Nightmare
3. Canyon clay
4. Autum Leaves
5. Choked on curry
6. Bar'B'cue Spice
7. Oregano Nightmare
8. Daddys Illigal blend
9. Anthrax attack
10. Ebony chuncks
it's all MDF dust wiped up from the floor so very cheap :)

Mostly pine related types of trees, but allso I tried to create some kind of hanging tree like some birch types, which still needs some work

Trees in the horizon

Trees Close Up

Giant pine ?

Well not much but I guess it's a start,
only thing that cost anything are the colors which are the cheapest ratle cans that I can get, Black Green and Yellow for the trees, and some additional blue, red, black and white for the scatter variations.
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QUOTE (knoath @ 13 Oct 2008, 22:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hey PSRRFH, that's looking the goods.
Nice line up!!!
What have you used for the foliage on the birch?

well the birch was an experiment, basically I cut 6 pieces of string,(like the one you hang you newly washed cloth on, but not nylon, my English freind says it's called hemp string, tried to smoke it but nothing happend, nahh just kidding)
wrapped them together at the bottom with some wire, then started to split the strings, (same concept as the wire trees/gum trees you and Rally hub are doing), until the ends are all tiny pieces of string, then I spraypainted the leaves parts first with black, then slap it into som MDF dust, then yellow, MDF dust, then green + MDF dust, and then small dabs of yellow here and there to give the green color some variance.
Hope this make sence otherwise I'll do a photo tutorial on them if anybody's interested.

Here's some close ups of the birch


a slap in you face

I'll probably add some crepe paper to the stem(or the stub, whatever the thing in the midle is called) and allso extend it a bit as it ended up being rather short I think.

@ Graham
I hope it will be good, I've had a whole bunch of great teachers(including yourself) here on slotforum, for the last year or so. :)
if it dosn't I'll blame you and the rest of the guys - As I'm pretty shure theres no girlies in here. :-(

Thanks all for watching & questions and comments are welcome
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Well, being unable to sleep last night I did a litle photo tutorial on the hanging type of tree.
Hope it can be of some use :)

1. The ingrediences for the Hanging tree:

2. Cut the hemp rope into 6 pieces of varying length, don't think too much about the order or length of each individual piece of string:

3. Twist the steel string around the stringbundle from the root and up (Remember to leave som roots, i forgot on the prototype):
(btw. sorry about the state of my hands but I had just been painting :)

4. I decided to make 3 main branches on this one:

5. Wire up the other branches, make it look random rather than nice and need, nature are very much like fractals

6. Next I start to split up each individual branch into additional branches, all fine hanging string:

7. Allmost there:

Done & ready for paint and MDF dust:

From another angle, all done in half an hour including the photography:

If you leave it for a couple of days, and only use it to spank SWMBO, the fine pieces of hanging string will straigten out a bit more :)
I'll return with a tutorial that shows how I paint and dust my trees.

Until then here is how I've done my other trees and what type of rope used:

Sissal rope (I'm not sure about the name, In Denmark we use it to tie up haybales):
Deffinitly one of the fastes trees to make

Hemp Rope tree: takes a litle longer since you have to split the rope up into the fibers yourself:
Makes very nice fluffy trees:

Nylon rope tree:

Nylon rope tree 2:

Of course you can allso do combinations of the different stringtypes, allso to simulate thinner and thinner branches towards the top:

Here is a batch of trees ready for the ratle cans and MDF dust:

In the summer I did a litle experiment with some flowers from the garden aswell, and I think that they can go as bushes, how about you ?:

And from the other side:

Thanks for watching
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QUOTE (knoath @ 14 Oct 2008, 10:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>When do we get that 'How To'?

Thanks PSRRFH!!!

Well since we probably do have children here I'll keep those images to myself, I will tell you though that if you do you'll be shure to spice up your and your missus dailly life, and you can justifye to spend more time in the slot/gimp room to come up with new contraptions. :)
Bring back that smile on the girls face. ;-)

Now imagine what you could do with some copper trees and a power supply :-o

Glad you could use it, and happy racing.
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Had a couple of sparemoments this evening, and I added Crepe paper to the stem of the big tree:

And to the other one that I did last night:


And to theese 3 babies :)

I'll add foilage to theese later on when I paint the string parts.
and also I'll paint the stems a litle or weather them, as I thing the whiz kidz call it.

Goodnight and sleep tighty
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QUOTE (Graham Lane @ 15 Oct 2008, 03:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>MDF is notorious at absorbing humidity, let alone water. You need to seal it all over first, and I mean the whole thing not just the waterfall area (it may be too late to do that now). My brother made a sign for the shop we had back in the early nineties. He projected the letters onto a sheet of MDF and drew round them. Then cut them out with a jigsaw and sealed them with several coats of a product called sanding sealer (not sure who made it). Then he sprayed them up and fitted them to the shop façade. There was no sign of any damage even though they were exposed to heavy rain and the shop was next door to a river. Top job from Simon, who was a professional model-maker.

Thanks for the warning Graham, I'm aware of this and, that luke Skywalker side of me is saying "Don't do it, it's only for flash, and it's only gonna cause sorrow and grief" whereas the devil inside keeps screamin "Go for it, it'll be totally rad", so as you can hear I'm having quite an inner batle over this :)

Luckily it can still be paint sealed and prepared for water, but we'll just wait and see.

On another note I pretty much finished yesterdays batch of trees, so here you go "Mangrove Corner".


Yada yada


Someones lurking ?


I can't control my self

Somebody give that man a straight jacket..... ahhhhhh another one

I promisse to behave now and don't post anymore images until I've finished welding section 2
until then...... see ya
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QUOTE (MarcoC @ 15 Oct 2008, 19:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Very interesting and clearly explained !!
Surely I'm going to try this way for the trees (once all the rest will be finished

thanks alot MarcoC, do you have a track that we can see ?

QUOTE (Graham Lane @ 15 Oct 2008, 19:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>OMG someone else with that gorgeous Alfa! It's on my Christmas list. Just don't you guys go buying up all the stock!

That alfa, should be voted most beutifull slotcar of the year, I would buy more of them if I could afford it.
My son had a hard time understanding why I wouldn't let him run it when he one day caught a glimse of it, this one I pack away and don't let kids run, otherwise I usually don't care,.
If it breaks it breaks, but not this baby :) I'm gonna cry when that mirror eventually breaks off :)
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Well time for an update :)

@Nigel thanks alot I'm glad you like it, could you please give me a simple explanation of the word "abundance" ?

@ L.cerante - thanks alot I'm sure yours will be much better, for inspiration go to the track sceenery index and check out rallyHubs trioTrack & his wiretress for the sweedish rally;-o and the now disasembled track from Demether, now here are people that know what they are doing, whereas I'm pretty much just tagging along improvising.
Btw. when will you reveal your toilet paper powder technic, (do you just dip a whole role in a bucket of paint, let it dry and then crumble it into powder ?

I'm done welding track pieces together into track sections, heres an image of the last 3 sections:

Heres a close up, all the small jumper cables has been hot glued into small slots that I cut.

If you wanna do this avoid the classic track from the 80ties, as they have small cradles around all the metal pieces that you have to cut off to get the track level and flat:

I've allso done a couple of new trees & a dead one aswell :)

The dead one:

And a close up of the foilage:

Hmmm thx for watching, I'll be in the garage mounting the track sections if you guys need me :-o

Chuppy Chup in a cup,
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Hi again

I've done a litle testdriving today, and did a video of it :)


hope you can see how I plan to layout the front panels of the flightcases.

Chuppy chup til ya drop.
@ rallyP - thankiew Rally Maestro, if you should ever visit Denmark for some reason Please stop by.

QUOTE (Billy_Cart @ 29 Oct 2008, 15:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Great effort PSRRFH,

Trees are sensational & the video is great I have never really thought of hill climb tracks but this looks like heaps of fun.

Can 2 cars race each other on this type of track? I'd like to see that.



thx Phil.

Well the plan is this:
1. to have different rally modules that can be combined in different ways
2. have singleplayer 1lane, singleplayer with a laneswitch loop(you get a run to the top in both lanes), 2player mode(like a normal track) Thats why the loop at the top of the mountain can be taken out, and so will the one at the buttom.
3. include it into a digital setup like yours as an area that you can enter (I have got a vision of maby 4 different tracks that can be combined into a huge one :) This will include modded lanechange pieces, and is far away.

the video is of the singleplayer 1lane and I'll have to learn how to do a deadstrip detection and switch the direction of the electricity before I can use this:

laneSwitchLoop Entrance:

laneSwitchLoop Exit:

Sceenery wise this loop is hopefully gonna turn into a litle village with a townsquare(circle).

It apears to me that rally and raid slotracing is really big in Spain and it is allso treatet as an social event where one will be driving for the fastest lap while the others are watching/Marshalling/cheering/drinking/having fun
so this build is very inspired by that(Tons of videos on Youtube:))
Allso I've been Learking around on this forum for about a year and after a while all theese awesome and jawdropping sceenery masterpieces(Non mentioned non forgotten) get to you, and I just had to have a go at it :) I've never tried it before and since I'm Primarily a Rug Racer, it'll probably take quite some time.

thanks for watching.
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Today i went to the paintshop, with these variations on the "twistet pinetree"

and created this type of tree:

and then I added this into the equation:

and came up with this type:

This type:

and This:

Here's one for size reference:

And another:

And here is what you get for the prize of 4 ratle cans, some twist, thin wire, sawdust, and 4 hours of work.
8 foilage trees
7 pine trees
prize 12-15 UK Pounds

Cheers, comments and questions are appreciated :)
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Hallo and happy greetings to all
So inbetween pestering people with the:
2009 walpaper contest : Pay homage to the PowerBase PRO Team

I did a litle work on my track.(And I failed miserably) :-(
I have a couple of bridges and for one of them I'm gonna make this combined Brickwall/Couplestone wall

Initial Idea:

The construction will be removeable so that I can hide some stuff in there behind it.
I have been watching RallyHubs TrioTrack in awe and thought that I was gonna dremmel the different bricks and stones like he have done.(Now thats manic behaviour, if you ask me)

But then in the morning when I woke up, it suddenly struck me why dont you just cut some cardboardbricks and glue them on(Less noise and less dust) and quicker
and also I was thinking when the bricks would be soaked in glue, paint and grit they would develope different heights as of the cardboard splitting in half.

Bridge support with bricks some large and some small bricks

Well so far so good, It's a pretty fast and easy way to get some bricks, and since this constructure is gonna resemble very old and deteriated stones, size is not that important.

But I'm an Impatient MF, so I couldnt wait for the glue to dry, and thats where it started to go wrong:-8 :-(
So I just continnued with some coppled stones which turned out to be more like slices of bannana:-o
When that innervoice says stop (I should have listened)

Where it went all wrong !!!

I have a new and much better way to do the coppel stones, but I'll have to wait for the week-end to try it out :-(

Well anyways, after adding the the banana chips I went to the garage and gave it a quickie with some black and red spraypaint:

Sponge close up:

Depending on how much sponge texturing you give it you can actually get some very nice different type of bricks burned or glazed depending on how you wan't them.

In the end I ended with this:Which looks ok really close
The general idea is there however it leaves a lot to be desired still when it comes to the coppel stones :-(
wall Close up:

Because from a litle distance it pretty much looks likke something from warhammer where some drunk goblins passed by and wommitted at the foot of the hills.

Final Nightmare:

So to summarize this, to do sceenery you have to be a patience litle bastard allways letting the glue dry before the next step.
Grump Grump Grump.

Chuppy chup
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Humble thanks for watching Leonardo.

Here is another construction that I'm working on, which hopefull will be easier than my previous post :)

It's another tunnel but this one will be a concrete style bridge:
nothing is glued as of yet so mind the wobly construction and broken lines:) I need to paint the different pieces away from here.

For marshalling under a race I'll have to construct it in two seperate parts.: with the roof supports removeable
the backwall and the front concrete "Fencing"

and comming out of the tunnel:

The tunnel supports are gonna be of the "H" type concrete thingies(Don't know the proper terms here)

the other side I'm gonna shorten the Height of the support pillars here:

And finnally drivers view without the support construction:(Which allows for fast marshal access in case of emergency:

The back wall is gonna be one removeable piece and I would like to add some lights to it as well but what would lights in a tunnel look like ?
allso inbetween the roof supports I plan to mount some net for falling rocks you know :)

ohh the pillars are glued stirring sticks from the place where you buy paint(Free), and elsewhere. I usually grab a handfull whenever i pass by one of these shops, just tell them that you forgot to get them yesterday :)

Hope it's of some use to someone & and until next time Have a nice day.
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