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Well Mountain Rally/Sprint, my first permanent build

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Hi all, and endless thanks to all the fantastic and creative people in the forum.

Well I've desided to start build a sectional permanent track that can be packed away even though it will contain different landscaping.

Actually I set out to build a small test track so that I could clean up and fine tune all my cars that have been in the chicken shed all summer.
But I ended up with this:

After a litle playing around I thought that it would be an allright track to build as a permanent track.
And I started playing around and planning the different sections:

I used some time finetuning the TwistyCurbyHumpSection:

I still han't got a good idea as to how I'm gonna support this TwistyCurbyHumpSection, so any ideas are welcome.

And out of the twistyCurbyHumpSection:

And into Section 3:

The cars used for elevation supports are some of the cars that should have been cleaned and here is another one:

I did a small video while adjusting the different pieces of track
Fly Lancia no-magnet speed controller in the left hand cammera in the right hand:


Sector1 Back:

Sector1 Latch:

Sector 1 and 2:

Sector 1 Storage compartment:

Placing of initial elevations

The Goodwood Pass:

First Test drive:

Aston Coming down:

Cop At the turn Around at the mountain top:

The front of the two sections will contain landscaping and track aswell and so will the top and bottom pieces for section 2
I've got quite a few ideas for this so I hope I'll be able to maintain focus and tuck along with all this track building stuff.

So please tell me what you all think.

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QUOTE (Noobdelux @ 18 Apr 2014, 09:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I still wonder how he made the cobble stones

This is Lars we're dealing with, he used drywall mud, plastic track, a scalpel, and infinite creativity.
Hmm missed that page, got to re read on the computer after ester
361 - 363 of 363 Posts
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