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Well Mountain Shopping Mall Rally

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Hi there....
Well I'm starting a new smallish rally layout, build from Scalextric Sports and Classic track.

Here is a little video of the prototype shopping mall, I'm gonna build the track as a football stadium with the carriers for each floor coming from the back so as not to interrupt the line of sight with pillars carrying the floor above.

One purpose of this build is to make it so that it can be assembled and disassembled fast.
3 floors and 3 bridges, when packed away I plan on storing it on the wall.

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Wow.... this looks like the NEW thread to follow.
Very clever use of the X-overs on a single rally lane to get double work out of a track.
Did you cut a lot of track of just have a lot of single track lying around?

I will watch this build closely.
Keep us posted with pics...

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Excellent video of your construction.
I look forward to "next week's installment".
This could become a "slot car serial", too!

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1 - 2 of 84 Posts
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